Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pretty things

This is the Blue Jay that sits at the top of my tree, looking down over the other pretty birds and bird-like items in my tree. Note the non-traditional topper I chose for my tree. Sparkley and iridescent pheasant feathers with gold spakley ostrich feathers.

How adorable is this little house? I actually have two, the other is red brick. So, so cute. They were on my tree when I was a little girl. On the bottom, it says, "Made in Japan" - which shocked me when I unwrapped it this year. You just don't see that! When I was a little girl, things were made, well, in Japan.

The peacock and quail are new to my collection this year. Oh, and so is that little gem there.

The white dove was a gift from a friend last year, and because it came the day after Christmas (when I take down my tree), this is the first year it hung in the tree.

The Santa face on the Goose egg came from a patient a very long time ago; when I, um, worked. You can't see from the picture, but it has tiny little, itty, bitty candy canes and gumdrops on it.

This is trying to hide the smell of the poly that is STILL filling the house.
This concludes the tour of Christmas here today.


Dr.Carley Clan said...

How are you able to do all of this it looks fantastic!!!! The room you call 'toxic' is coming along well also. I hope your migraines to stay under control. But truly it all looks great. Christmas is great in all aspects.
all my love
wishing you a pain free day

deborah said...

many thanks, Lisa. and would you believe that we, the girls, Nick and I, put the stuff in her room yesterday? I opted out of the decorating of the wall mural for now. It can wait.

Migraine Chick said...

Love your decorations. They are so elegant, especially the blue jay at the top of the tree.

deborah said...

thank you chick! I just realized that my Shrek bird never made it. must post that pic

Jeff said...

Great theme. I love the birds.

Our Christmas tree is like a giant scrapbook of Christmases past with all our kids' homemade school ornaments hanging on it. The earlier ones made out of paper in Kindergarten are REALLY classy!

deborah said...

Jeff - I think your tree sounds very sweet

Terri said...

Your decorations are very very pretty Deborah! Job well done! I love all the birds also. I have a bird fetish myself. They look so real!! :)

deborah said...

thank you Terri; I must remember to get the rest of them up there