Tuesday, December 11, 2007

this room = migraine

This room has become TOXIC. Literally. Label this under, "What was I thinking."
For the past three freaking, justkillmenowsomeone, PLEASEJUSTGETITOVERALREADY!!! three. days; we have undergone a quite beautiful , in the very end I might add, process of finishing the hardwood floor in Cinderisa's room. And as beautiful as it really is becomming, it is killing me. Really, what was. I. thinking??
This IS winter, right? December 11. STINK, that means today the Ultimatum is on the shelves!!! And I am in my pj's, out of Toradol, waiting for my nurse to call me with the "joyful news" that there will be a chair available for me at the infusion center tomorrow. Which means a few things; I can't get out when I want to because I NEED my Toradol, and I desire (oooh yummmy) the Ultimatum. I don't want to miss the call. Oh, then there's the many reasons why I shouldn't drive right now thing. moving right along............
Again; WHAT! WAS!! I!! FREAKING!!!!! THINKING????? It's quite amazing how you can actually, or rather, I can feel the fumes in my body now. Today, the final coat went down. It is penetrating my shoulder blades now, as I type this. My ears have been in a constant banging-like sensation since yesterday, a sort of back and forth ringing and pinging sound/pain duo their performing. Think of this as a very loud and obnoxious version of JINGLE BELLS (CRASH!!!!! ZZZZZZZ) JINGLE BELLS (ZZZING!!!!)
Just sort of bouncing back and forth from right to left; I'm the crash in between the two cymbals. Rather, my head IS the crash my ears are making. If that makes any sense.
Oh, here's the killer, my migraines, that used to be only right sided; they must have been, well bored and lacking space, so they've decided to take up a little loft in my left side as well. So much for the old; one-sidedness in migraineland. I've never been one to follow the rules, so why here, right.
At least I don't need to go out today. More stormy weather coming. Unfortunately, I may miss yet another Christmas party tonight. I may just refuse missing this one. I missed out on one Friday night due to the monster.
As my Christina says, when she gets punished for her brattitude; "It's not FAIR!" In this case, it really isn't fair. But then again, I think of little Eric, who doesn't have his Mommy this Christmas - and I suppose I can live another day with the monster in my head. Because when it comes down to it - THAT is what's not fair.
As far as the rest of the floors go, they WILL wait until spring comes; when the windows, ALL off them, will remain open for the duration of the renovation. And I can leave the house. Who will take me in?
Oh, tomorrow is the day that Bull (Rocco's Daddy) is having his leg removed. Wish him well. Stupid dog. Did I mention - NO PUPPIES!!!!! I know, true bummer. ..........

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Migraineur said...

This post really captures the experience of chemical sensitivity, as well as your frustration. I still can't be in a room with WD-40, even though, near as I can figure, I haven't had a WD-40 triggered migraine since the 80s. If my husband wants to use it, he has to wait until I'm going to be out of the house for a whole day. I keep trying to get him to use things like machine oil or graphite instead.