Friday, December 07, 2007

2 hats, 1 ugly dog

Yes, he's festive and overly excited. Poochey lip and all. Oh, and no, it's not my official Christmas card. What will we think of for New Years? Any ideas out there? Oh, Cesar please come save this poor dog from our wrath of terror. (I will have bottle of wine waiting) oh, hi there Illusion. No, Frank, I won't give out your bottles of Phantom. what kind of name is that anyway? Illusion?

Update on the sperm-donor up there: His girlfriend had a (I'm dying here, I can hardly contain myself from giddiness); false-pregnancy. Can you stand it? So while poor Frankie and Philip are secretly (NOT) planning their little puppy-to-be entering my home, Miss Sweetie fakes a pregnancy on them all. I think I should send her a Scooby Snack via the big man in red.

On a very sad note, though; here's how "smart" these dogs are; Bull, our favorite of the bunch - who weighs in at a whopping 140 pounds, and jumps 6-8 feet straight up, decided a few months back to chew his way (yes, chew) through the wire kennel into the female bully's to, ahem, get some. He lost pretty much all of his teeth in the process of his little escape and had suffered such a major infection, that he now is losing his front leg - due either to cancer or bone infection.

Since these dogs carry most of their bulk in their front quarters, this is going to be very difficult for Bull. And Glenn, the breeder. Bull, is gorgeous. The female that he studded with, never did carry out her pregnancy, she will be spayed due to complications. I thought I had pics of him, but I do not. Well, at least not digital. So picture a gummy, three-legged, dark version of Rockhead, only bigger and darker. Pitiful, isn't it. Poor Bull. I have a feeling we will be taking a ride North this weekend. I'll be sure to get pics

For now, I need to get off my duff and continue my shopping, ugh. I hate. shopping.


Lisa Milton said...

Me too. I'm not a fan of the crowds and chaos.

Hang in there.

Migraine Chick said...

Oh my goodness. How I love this picture with the santa hat. I don't think this is an ugly dog at all!

deborah said...

oh trust me, he's ugly. I tell him that all the time. "you're ugly, nobody likes you. you stinky thing." he just looks at me with those pitiful eyes and drops that heavy head on my lap. He is stupid, too. When I put my scarecrows out, he barks at them - so I had to put them in different spots this year, away from the window so he wouldn't sit in the window and bark AT the "intruders" trying to steal the trees and such. Idiot!

Rick said...

You'd better hope that the dog doesn't get a lawyer a sue you for those photos.

deborah said...

thanks Rick, but he poses for them. By the way, love your work.