Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Marisa's First Parade

Memorial Day

This was the only flag I saw flown at half mast. I guess we were the only little village that did so. When I saw that American flags were replaced by swasticas, not once, but twice; not only did it make my stomach turn, but it enraged me. Where are the cowards now? Why do they do it in hiding? If they have something so loud and hateful to say, why not do it with a voice and a face?

Like Mother, Like Daughter. I believe that is the saying. Anyway, she marched in her first parade on Saturday, and I took lots of pictures. So she made a funny face for this one. Stinker.

This is Cassie, Marisa's friend. The 'other' blonde. I took lots of pictures of her, too. This first one, she smiled. By the end of the parade, she was rolling her eyes at me. Some vets, and a very serious picture of Marisa/aka/Cinderisa.

so serious. not wanting to be photographed.

A smiling picture of Philip at the beach in NC last week! He will be here in just a few days. Doesn't he look great? (oh, yes, girls he is single!)

Here he is with his Dad, Frankie. We cannot wait to have him home. We are so proud of this young man, and all of our soldiers; past, present and yet to serve. We humbly thank you all.
I had the great priveledge of taking down his yellow ribbon on Saturday. His Nonna wanted to leave hers up until he could see it. I suppose some will leave theirs until all of the soldiers return. Perhaps, I may invest in another for that reason. For now, I will go without, for OUR soldier is home on American soil. We will; however, continue to pray for those who are not.
Hey, on a bit of a good note; I am feeling some relief from the procedure I had last week. YEAHHHHH! Next week I go for an Occipital block and schedule the same procedure to be done on the left side. The residual stiffness is wearing off, slow but sure. And the spike is fading to a more dulling blow than the rather searing kind it usually sends. Hopefully, this will last for the three months it promises. One can only hope. If not, well, it doesn't.
He still is talking about the stimulator, and I must say, I'm a bit more reluctant to do so. As in, not at all interested. Thankfully, so is my insurance company. Naturally. No shock there.
Ok, time to feed the animals.

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