Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hide and Seek

This is a little game of Hide and Seek. If you look real good, and I mean REALLY good, you can see a small creature in the picture. (hint, it's NOT the frog) Maybe if I give you say, another angle.......
Does that help? Let me just say that it was 90 degrees yesterday at 3:15 when I took this picture. Here. In my garden.

He was trying to evade the sweltering heat; and he is just too adorable for words. He did eventually make his way out, forgetting what he was doing.

We have come to realize that Bosco suffers from short-term memory loss. No joke. If he is outside, he will come to the door and beg to come inside; followed IMMEDIATELY, by the cries to go outside. Only to start over again by walking the length of the sidewalk, falling over, rolling, and coming back to the door and the crying again begins. This is an all day occurrance with Bosco.

At first we thought maybe he had a little kitty screw loose. But he just really resembles Dory the fish from Nemo. Short-term memory loss. Actually, Bosco and I don't really fall far from the same tree afterall. I find myself going from door to door and room to room, wondering why and where and what in the world I was doing, where I was going! What AM I doing next??? And why? I don't really remember. I just look at Bosco, he meows and rubs my leg. We walk to the door and wonder together. Maybe I should hide under a bush! Go figure - HA!

And as if parenting couldn't be any more fun!!! Tomorrow is the "Semi" at Cinderisa's school. Why they have this event really is beyond me actually. She is 14, in 9th grade. When I was in school, (here I go sounding like. my. parents. again.) right, we had the Jr. and Sr. Prom/Ball. no semi or anything like. We had dances once a month, which were fun.

Now, they have the Semi. Girls are expected to glam it up, parents are expected to allow it! For reasons, I won't spell out, we decided not to. Naturally, Cinderisa isn't going to this ball, and she is crushed. I understand her being very hurt, misunderstood, and all that goes into the teen feelings. However; I'm not for the manipulating teen parent-to-parent, shall I say parent-against-parent rally she is bribing. In this case. So she is, shall I say, learning a very hard lesson in teenhood. And I in parenthood. Either way, it sucks. She wants me to cave and let her go, because, afterall she has, as she says, "learned her lesson."

A part of me wants her to go and have fun with her friends and all that goes with it and on and on; but there is the conviction of the reasons WHY we said, "no" in the first place. To those reasons, we must stick. Sometimes parenting just plain out - SUCKS!

But I love her too much to fold. And though I cringe when I sound like my parents, I suppose it's a parental ring; and she too will jolt to it. So until her Jr Prom and Sr. Ball come around, she is going to have to wait, like we did, or I did.

Really, why must they rush to grow up? Why can't they stay little a little longer? She is going to be 15 this year! She only has three years left of high school, and I cannot believe it as I am writing this. It really does fly.

Yesterday, she said she was seriously considering teaching Special Needs Children. Well no kidding Miss Marisa. It is such a gift this child has been blessed with. And not only her, but the kids she works with on a daily and weekly basis in school. She has been working with Special Needs kids since the elementary level. It doesn't surprise me at all. She has a true heart, a caring and loving heart for them. And not just for Special Needs children, but for children in general.

Unlike the Cat Mawler, she will play with Nicholas and Vanessa - actually play with them. Yes, she gets irritated with them, she is 14! But she is generally nice to them. Chris, not so much. It's a battle for her to be nice. at. all lately.

Girls are mean. Boys are icky. Parenting is sucky business. At least Philip will be home tomorrow night! He will be able to toss in some reality to the big picture for them. I'm sure of that.

Here is someone sweet and lovely: This is Zio Corrado from Italy!

He will be with us for another month. Lastnight, we took him to Marisa's band concert. He enjoyed it, although he was very frustrated because he couldn't see her. She plays the drums, and she is in the waaaaay back of the orchestra. Their drumline also performed, which he really enjoyed. He is obsessed with Walmart, so I will be taking him there today to get more pictures developed. He has a seriously cool camera.

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Hey Zio - welcome to the States!

I love the cat's eyes in the first picture.