Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cryoanalgesia - what fun, what fun!

This is the Probe! Actually, I saw the probe my doc used and it was twice as long, seriously, as this one. No kidding. Twice as long. I'm not sure why; and I'm not sure why I looked. This was the second time I've gone for this procedure, and I believe it's working. I suppose that's why I've gone twice. At least it's taking some of the edge off. I think.

It's also possible I may have it done on the left side. Call me crazy, no seriously, call me crazy. The first time I had it done, I opted out of the Versed. The Versed, although a wonder drug for making one extra sleepy and forgetting what's going on; exagerates my migraines. So this time - Just give me the Versed already. I'll deal with the migraine, and I did. Like always, every stinking day OF MY LIFE! oh, boo hoo.

So in short, here is what he does: Versed, yum, (at first). Then he makes this nice incision in my occipital lobe. Yeah, the back of my head - oh I have lot's of curly hair, which he is jealous of and makes comments of shaving me each time he sees me. He's bald. He is not shaving me.

Then comes the fun part, more Versed to get, uh comfy and stupy, but still feeling pain. The long probe has now entered the back of my skull to freeze the nerves that are causing me so much freaking PAIN!! Wait, so is the probe. AH AH AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Zap zap zap.

So is it worth it? I suppose I'll find that out over the next few weeks. As for now, the pain on my left side is becoming more unbearable, and I'll be getting an occipital block on the 12th and he'll be scheduling me for the cryo (yipee) on that side.

Here's hoping it WILL work, as we are planning on vacation this year. Which means driving to Virginia Beach, despite the outrageous gas prices. Hello Scopalomine; hopefully, good-bye to some car-sickness. I don't travel well. At all.

This year we are taking Vanessa with us; and I can't wait. She has never gone and she is so excited. We haven't been in two years; as last year I was just too icky to travel. This year shouldn't be too bad. I can't wait to go. No, I can't wait to BE there. I'm planning on sleeping on the way there. Frank is a dream, he drove the entire trip! I should probably drive some of it for him this year if I'm feeling better.

Oh, and better news; if the pain gets too unbearable, the infusion center is up and running. And I've utilized it. It's so much better than going to the hospital. So so so much better. Those days, I hope, are over. I can only hope. As for my meds, I'm just praying they'll continue to do their trick; because, there really is nothing left for me to try. As I truly have tried every round out there. Every. round. available, that is. for me. Outside of allergies and adverse reactions.

Enough of me. So, in honor of our faithful vetertans - like my grandpas and dad, Philip, etc - hang a flag, go to a parade. Which reminds me, our Marisa will be in a parade on Monday. her first parade. She is playing a snare drum. Watch for pictures.

Happy Memorial Day. One week for our Philip to be home with us. YEAH!!!!!!

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Emily said...

i am so hoping that this helps improve things for you!