Friday, May 18, 2007

Guts, Gizzards and Gonads...Oh My!

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Ah, the arrival of Spring. Tulips, Daffodils, Petunias, Dandelions. Yes, I do love the sunny, yellow Dandelions. A fistfull of them, when they come in from the front or backyard, is my absolute favorite.

I am not opposed to their smiling faces on my front lawn. Frank, on the other hand, is. The kids delight in them as they turn into, what we call, "blow flowers." They pick them, and make a wish, before they blow their little seeds across his lush green carpet of lawn. I'm just sure that Frank cringes each time he sees this.

With Spring also arrives the little bunnies. The baby bunnies; hopping along the flower beds, eating the clover, and the little buds of early springtime flowerheads. And along comes the Evil Kitty, Miss Nala; and the baby bunny is no more. No, the sweet little Thumper has not only been killed, but dismembered. Again.

This should not be a surprise to our family, but each year, at this time, it is. With the arrival of the first pelt of baby bunny, we all feel the same discontent toward her. We look at her with the same disregard.

Yesterday is when it happened. With the baby bunny, that is. Three days ago, maybe four, we saw the little field mice. One on the deck, one on the porch. Two weeks ago, there were the chipmunks. We've come to expect this from the cats. Not so much Bosco; he just plays with them, throws them in the air, just mice mostly. But Nala, she has the killer instinct down. Waay down - deep. Like Hanibal Lechter deep. Scary.

The kid's step-mom was quite terrified when she saw the chipmunk laying on the porch, dead, with his little teeth and paws - all dead-like. At first she was all sad, until I told her what happened. "Cat." To which, she just grimmaced, "OH! Nasty." I tried to explain the difference between the two cats, but she doesn't like cats. at all. So it didn't really matter. She was just mortified by whole deal I think. So Frank just bent over with a grocery bag and took care of the little thing. That may have grossed her out a bit, too.

Good thing she didn't see what Nala did yesterday! Overheard in my house: "Mom, Nala got a baby bunny!! Well, part of one, I think. Yep, it WAS a baby bunny!"

Then there was lots of yelling at the cat. They refused to let her in the house. She decided she wasn't going to come in anyway, she had to show me MY prize. Thankyouverymuch, Miss Naly. Off to the deck she scampers away. to dismember her bunny.

This morning, Marisa again refused to let her in the house. And as I looked out on the deck, I could see what remained of the bunny; some intestine, guts, and the other assorted insides and pelt. As if that wasn't gross enough, when Rocco went outside, he decided to dine on it. I hate. that. dog!

OK - speaking of dogs: Did anyone catch this stupidity this week??Implants for Neutered Dogs!! No kidding. They are called, get this, Neuticals - testicular implants for dogs that look and feel (cause I need to feel fido up) like the real thing - are said to boost a pet's self-esteem by replacing what was lost.

Made from polypropylene (at $119 a pair), solid silicone ($249)OR liquid-filled "ultra-plus" model ($889). Neuticles were intoduced in 1995 by Misouri inventor Glenn A Miller. He claims more than 230,000 pets in 49 countries have "Neuticled."

Are you KIDDING ME???? I can't wait to have Rockhead neutered! But that will be the day before I implant ANYTHING back into those hangers. I'd put a pic up of those rocks, but I'd probably lose my site.

On a better note - Philip will be coming home on American soil tomorrow!! Halleluia!! Thank you to all of those who prayed for his safety. Please continue to pray for our military, for our country. He will be home with us in 2 weeks. His Dad, Mom, Sis, Niece and even his Uncle from Italy are all meeting him in NC on Saturday. We are putting the finishing touches here on his room/family room right now.


Anonymous said...

Well looks like you got a killer on your hands.. Sounds like you feel alot better which is good. Cant wiat to see you guys I'll be home in like two weeks. Oh my graduation is on Sunday so i'll send pics to u then . Tell everyone I said hi. Allie

deborah said...

Oh, Allie, I can't wait to see you Girl!!! I wish I could be there for Graduation. My heart is there with you. I miss you. Girls miss you. Nick, too.

Harmonica Man said...

You know how they say a group of crows is referred to as a "murder of crows?" Well, there's a good reason for that. Every spring we find several decapitated baby bunnies in our yard after the crows have their fun with them. So sad. So very sad.

Diana said...

I hope you have a wonderful visit with your son!

Tara Alton said...

My indoor kitty likes to pull dirty socks out of the laundry hamper and present them to me like a dead mouse.

Emily said...

hooray for philip coming home! i can't even imagine how excited you must be. :) hope it's a fabulous visit.