Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monster Soup

Today I saw my pain doc and asked him to "please shove a needle up the back of the left side of my head!" Thankfully, he did just that. I have had non-stop stabbing pain going from left-to-right . Primarily on the left, and it seems to creep at times from the entire back of the head in a jolt toward the front. And then the bang, bang, bang just hits and hits and hits all day and all night.

I have exhausted my abortive. and I am exhausted. I am soooo hoping this trigger block will keep it somewhat under control. We have scheduled me for a bilateral cryoanalgesia for the end of September. Again, he is insistant that I should try the stimulator; and he is willing to fight with my insurance company.

As for me, I'm a little reluctant to try it; I know of some who have had the implant, and didn't have any luck, resorting to have it removed. At this point, I'm still waiting to hear if the insurance company will approve my Namenda. Now imagine, the price comparison, if they were to pay for the stim device over the medication.

Regardless, the pain is back with a vengeance. With all it's pretty aura, and geometrical shapes. Let's not forget the ear piercing sounds and picks. The full battle is on. I feel as if I'm running low on ammunition. I do have fight in me, just low on weapons. So to speak.

In the daily life - the kids go back to school in two weeks; and I think we are all ready. They're bored and very restless. The pool is still well, unassembled. We just haven't had a break in the rain; and without that, the ground cannot dry for the pool to be set up. This coming weekend is looking to be hot. Well, at least they will have next year. Hopefully a few days at least, this year.

Wishing you pain-free days



Emily said...

i hope the nerve block(s?) give you some relief. :)

Dr.Carley Clan said...

This makes me so sad! We need to talk on the phone!!!!! Before you get anything in your head...well...coffee talk time.

The picture is awesome, I found a picture that had a bunch of jackhammers all around the head! That is how mine are.

O Deb Deb Deb....Talk time when you are up to it.