Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lastnight my little guy walks up to me and shows me his tooth which was facing, well, the wrong way.

"Mom, I think it's really really loose. Do you think it's ready to come out now?"

I told him to just pull it out. It really grosses me out to go there touching that. YUCK. I mean, I'll wiggle it and all, but no WAY am I pulling.

So he grabbed himself a tissue, and pulled it right out, first try. And he had a visit from the Tooth Fairy, naturally. (I forgot the Fairy Dust with child number 4) yeah, I suck.

Seriously, I don't think it bothered him in the least. Fairy dust or no fairy dust, he was thrilled with the money.

Now what do you suppose we could be looking at here? Oh and boy do I need to get working on that other wicker chair I've been meaning to finish. After cleaning the garage out today, I now remember that I have 2 cans of the brown paint I did the rest of the wicker in. Hmmmm. tomorrow is another day. where was I?

What is the big deal over the deck everyone? Baseball game? Bocce ball? What is it? What could have everyone looking to the back yard today? Wait, it's coming to me...... there was something out there a few weeks ago, wasn't there?
Ah ha! That's what it is; installation day has finally arrived. My oh my, have we been waiting and waiting and waiting for the rain to stop so it can begin. We were all like a bunch of Nicholas's, you know, theven year olds, all happy and watching and anxious.

Naturally, boy with a gazillion questions; had. well, a gazillion questions. about each. individual. piece and part that went together to the pool. (Should I be concerned that it took just 2 - 2 1/2 hours to put it up?) I mean, they do this for a living and all; but. It just seemed to go up so fast. The nice thing about having a curious theven year old AND having people who are installing a pool, is that it redirects his attention elsewhere. He will forever athk his quethtions to thomeone elthe. He had SOmany, that one guy told him; "why don't you just get a pen and paper and you can remember everything." DOH

So because we were so terribly busy watching the pool being installed; I just couldn't drag myself to make dinner. I do suck, I know. We went out; always entertaining with boy genius. He noticed on the table, Quickdraw. (or whatever it's called. I don't play, don't gamble, so if the name is wrong, I don't really care.) I'm hearing McGraw in my head anyway.

"I love this!" he jumps up in the seat (next to me) yelling in my ear all excited. Then gets the attention of the server, "Excuse me, could you turn this TV on to Quickdraw?" Points to the TV facing our booth.

"WHAT???" I'm saying to him, little maniac that he is and actually thinking he's going to get to you know - GAMBLE!! I just let the server bust his bubble and tell him he needed to be 18, then she corrected herself and said 21. I just did the ol' "ha ha ha ha ha ha" to him.

When he was 4, a server set the table and gave him a butter knife; he said to her; "I am not supposed to have a knife. I am only four years old you know. I could cut myself. " She didn't know whether to laugh or take him serious. Oh, but he was very serious.

School starts in two L O N G W E E K S!!!!! It's been a long summer. It's been a busy summer; oh and terribly wet here. This little boy feels the need to be constantly entertained, by everyone. His favorite game is SORRY. he has no mercy for anyone. And we have all come to hate the game with a passion because he has played us to death.

Now, we are filling the pool and waiting for it to fill. He is asking if he can thwim tomorrow. What time? Or why not tonight? How long is it going to take? He is excited. He can go to his Dad's and swim for the weekend.

Rocco, is, I believe afraid of the giant noisy white thing in the backyard. He refuses to go down the steps into the yard. He just stares at it. Funny how animals take change.

Jammie time. finally! wishing you a pain-free evening


Jeff said...

Congrats on the new pool! We've had one for about 7 years and my kids have loved it every year. Of course I'm the one who gets stuck with all the cleaning but if you stay on top of it it's not too bad. Just make sure to add the chemicals on a regular schedule so the algae doesn't set in. The big mistake I always make is letting it go too long, and then it becomes 10x the chore to clean it. Yuk.

Dr.Carley Clan said...

NOW YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PLAY SORRY ANYMORE! I have always hated that game.

The pool looks great!
You are a wonderful mom!!!
Can I adopt one of your children (is there one that does not like sorry?) they look so happy! You have done a great job!

Hope the migraine monster stays away.
Have a pain free day!