Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Inevitable

I love color! Spring, with the birth of everything new; and blossoms and newness. Although the ugly greyness of the rains, I can do without that. Because, well, they always trigger those nasty migraines.

We are now entering the season of Fall here in Northeast. This is my most favorite season. And though I do love the colors and smells; I don't look forward to the upcoming winter - the cold, the stuck-indoors-everyday-all-day. The grey and white skies. Ok, let's not go there.

So instead, I will just enjoy the remaining warm days we have left. Pray for less rain. Especially since we have a mudbog in our yard waiting to dry, for the POOL TO BE INSTALLED. Which, by the way, has an interesting sort of smell; like swamp. And the idiot, Rocco, found it entertaining to pounce through. Stupid Dog

This is a little teacup rose. Isn't it pretty? I love yellow roses. It has just a hint of pink on it's little petals when it opens.

Look, one of my Mums has started to blossom. I love this color; cranberry.

My new stove came, and it's still in the same place. But should be in it's new place next week. I just cannot wait to be able to cook with it. So fancy-shmancy.

Oh, and Cutco knives really cut with ease! I'm living proof! Frank said I'm lucky I didn't cut my tip off. They are sharp! I can even go without a band-aid now and not get freaked out thinking I have a spider on me.

Busy weekend coming. Wishing you all pain-free days.



Emily said...

ew, deb i'm so sorry about your cut! hope your migraines didn't get in the way of pain relief for that.

i've cut myself, but never enough to need stitches. yuck!

Dr.Carley Clan said...

I love roses! My husband has given me roses every Saturday morning for the last hhmm 8 years... I have some in my backyard but I have been slacking, and the bee stings bring on migraines! Typical!

I need knew knives, would you recommend them? They worked as we can see...sorry about that one for you! But it is so nice to have a great set, my husband and I eat meat and I Hate having knives that cut steak like a butter knife uurrgg.

Anyway, give us some pictures of the snow when it comes... I hardly ever see snow...Bill tells me to just 2-3 years when we make the move to Colorado he says YOU WILL HAVE PLENTY!

God Bless
Have a pain free weekend, and watch when you are cutting veggies!:)

Migraine Chick said...

Love the flowers pics and so sorry to hear about your stiches!