Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is Strange

Well, not this picture, a trigger.

This is a collage my daughter, Cinderisa had done, and was entered in the Festival of Arts for our district. This is a district-wide Arts festival, showcasing, not just visual and tactile arts, but music, dancing, chorus, colorgaurd, drum line, orchestra, and the list went on.

It started from the Kindergarten level to the High School. Every hallway was filled with beautiful artwork, jewelry, ceramics, music; it was fantastic! This is one of my favorite events of the year.

This and her final concert. Which is Thursday. Unfortunately, I am going to miss it. I have tickets to go see Evita. Hey, Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do. The real suckhole thing is this: they are playing some real awesome stuff this year! Phantom, Pirates of the Caribean, just to name a few. I really am very bummed to miss it, but...... this show is only here for 4 nights and I do have my tickets. Stink

Anyway, there are some really awesome things I like about her collage that I can relate to; but I just wondered if there was anyone else out there that could. I'm sure she would love the feedback.

On an interesting little note, and a very personal one at that, I have found a unique little trigger I gave myself while I was trying to alleviate the woes of the migraine blues. I found myself going round and round in a battle of "Catch 22" with fluids.

A word of caution - if you are in the midst of migraine and are looking to hydrate or re-hydrate, be very cautious of the ingredients in your bottled fluids. If they contain "sucralose" or "sucrose syrup" you may think twice before drinking twice. Why? Your body just doesn't absorb them thar ingredients, thus you just poo them in liquid-like form, rapidly, if you continue to drink and drink and drink them.

Case in point, Moi: The first week of the month, I end up at infusion with the monster. I'm the usual squinting, "headachy" nauseaous self. (for lack of words right now), I have two bottlesof said syrupy water with me. oh yummo. Start infusion a little later. drink drink. Notice after a few days, and oh four bottles of the stuff a day, lots of diarrhea. hmmm, sometimes that happens with migraine.

Two weeks go by, OH, WAIT! I had also started Melatonin to get some MUCH-needed sleep. Whew, almost forgot that. so anyhoo, I'm sleeping, I'm drinking more of the water because the weather was actually getting pretty nice here. The sun was, whoa, shining, and, AND, the weather was warm. I don't care much for water, it makes me gag, and gagging is a precursor for barfing, which will in itself is just gross, so I like the taste of the lemony syrupy vitamin water that I was drinking. Plus, I felt I was getting all kinds of oober benifits with the added B vitamins. blah blah blah. drink more tastey syrupy water.

In the meantime, I'm noticing a need to, well, go to the "office" a little more often. than usual. Me poo has started to um loosten. By the end of the week, loosten had come to a full-on explosion. Every few hours. Which, naturally made me drink more. Didn't want to DEHYDRATE! Each time I'd eat, my food would slide into home within 1 1/2 hours. I was running like A-rod, faster, faster, faster each time. God forbid if I was in public!!! Oh, I do NOT use the public restroom, by the way. However; in this case, it was either explode in their place, or my pants - down my legs, up and over my belt. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. The one time I had to run, I decided was the last time I'd be in public until it was figured out.

Naturally, another storm hit me in the skull. The more I "liquidated my assets," the more I drank. For fear of becoming dehydrated, it's all I could do, drink more of my yummy water; and it hit me - like the brick that hit my head, maybe it's the vitamins in the water doing it!! So I took myself off the water for a week.

But I was still having the. problem. So I thought, maybe the Melatonin?? I took myself off that. We decided, maybe there was something else going on; we called my internist. They had me in that day, did all kinds of blood work, and I had to (give a sample), to which I apologized for! Oh the questions the questions I was asked. When the blood work came back ok, Deb and I were talking about the water; and I read to her the ingredients - AHA! It was the sucralose. I cannot absorb it so my body just - gets rid of it and everything else with it. I'll say.

Thankfully, I'm not having the problem any longer. I'm no longer overloading on the stuff either. I've decided to buy myself fresh lemons, which is really what I prefer in the summer with water when it gets hot. So now, I just make myself a 2 liter of filtered water with sliced lemons and drink that. No sugar, or sugar substitutes. I can take it on the run (and no puns intended either) with me, since I have plenty of bottles now. It's very refreshing and I know I'm being rehydrated and I no longer have to worry about needing to run to the nearest dirty potty. (oh ugh)

Hey, stay far away from those sugar substitutes - they just mess with you more ways than you want to deal with. Now you know where I've been the past few weeks. fun fun fun. do I lead an exciting life or what? Wait, I also had a bridge fitting yesterday. Let's see, what else......oh, Chrisarella had an ear infection last week.

WAIT A MINUTE!!!! This is too funny. Lastnight, we hear this loud THUD-BANG from her room, and then her squeeling and crying. I, being the "wonderful" Mom that I am, run up the stairs to see what was the matter; there in her room, the center of her room, nothing around her, she is on the floor, curled in a ball, crying.

ME: "What happened!?"

HER: "I fell"

ME: "ok, how?" I'm looking to see if she fell OFF of something, but. nothing. she is in the center of the room.

brace yourself

HER: (remember she IS A BLONDE) "I tripped over my foot"

ME: (trying not to laugh) "excuse me, did you say you tripped OVER your own foot?"

HER: (also now trying not to laugh thru the tears) "yes, over my right foot"

ME: (laughing hard) "so, your left foot tripped OVER your right foot, and you fell???"

this is where Cinderisa, who is also now laughing (and on the phone with prom date also laughing) walks in the room, followed by Nicholas, who is trying to replocate what she must have done. this has made her angry, but she is laughing too hard to get mad.

downstairs you hear the sound of screaching, the sound of Frank mimicking the sound she made when she was crying. Now, she is in hysterics. I give her frozen gelpack and explain to Frank what our blonde has done. When she comes down, she is giddy, goofy and limping. Gotta love blondes.

Now that's entertainment.

You read that right, Marisa has been invited to a Senior Ball. More to update later.


Lisa Milton said...

That sucralose stuff is rough. I don't know how people suck it down.

Makes me sick. Ug.

(Love the artwork...)

Emily said...

i don't have much in the way of a real comment, i just loved when you said you can take it 'on the run'. lol. i just can't stand the aftertaste of that nasty fakey sugar stuff! yuck! does gatorade have sucralose in it? after a real puke-fest i sometimes try to suck down some of that, i will have to watch for these....after effects you speak of. have fun at evita!

deborah said...

funny thing about the sucralose in this particular water; no familiar nasty after-taste like you've both mentioned. That is what usually sets off one of my many triggers for migraine, but didn't. It was actually a very pleasant tasting drink.