Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm So Dizzy, My Head is Spinning


THIS is what I woke to. Add to that some pounding of the cranial nerves. Once I came to the top of the stairs, I noticed everything started to move. around. and around. and around. In a dizzying array. A quick call to the neuro office with a plead to GET ME IN!!!!! NOW!!!!!


Now, I wait. wait. wait. I wait for the phone to ring, hoping it's Linda, my favorite person of the day bringing good news, telling me I can be infused with the "wonder drugs" tomorrow. I wait for my abortive to kick in, its final day - today. It's not working.

and so, I wait. This is the week I was supposed to have fun with the kids. They are off for spring break. I was planning a trip to the Museum and the Zoo. (Along with probably 10,ooo other crazy parents.) Nontheless, fun with my babes. Hey, maybe it'll just shut itself off. It can happen, right!
Flying pigs riiiigt, and I might see this out my window today, too.

On a better note, we received a letter from Philip yesterday. He's such a -hmmm, how shall I put this?? Unique young man. He addressed our envelope, "The Dorks." Only Philip. We, of course laughed; very excited to get a letter from him, and at his humor he can still muster, considering where he is and what he's doing. When I opened the letter, it was addressed, "Hey Nerds!" He wants to know how the Giants are doing since last season's draft. He's anxious to get another dog (ugh) here we go. he says he should be home by Oct. I sure hope so. It's just not the same without him here. And he's not the same as he was, we're learning more about PTSD.

I hope and pray he will be able to get the right help. We do know he may not notice he even has it(PTSD) until he's been a civilian for a year. He serves for another year. That is, unless they decide to keep him longer.

Guess what field my Marisa has been looking at? shocker right. I'm sure Philip will have a lot to say about that when he gets home. He has already said more than enough to try to dissuade her, about women not being very respected as fighters. I'm not sure she really understands that at her age. I don't want to really dissuade any dream she does have, as a Mom, that is crushing a part of her spirit.

Ok, I'm off now. hoping someone out there is having a painfree day



Migraine Chick said...

I would love to see pigs flying outside my window because it might mean my migraines are ending. Hope you are feeling better today.

Megan Oltman said...

Woof - I don't have aura but looking at those patterny aura videos feels like it could give me a migraine! New theory? Sure hope you're feeling better. You've had a bad siege lately!

- megan