Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Boo Boo Kitty

Judging by the look of discontent on Miss Nala's puss, I don't think she enjoys wearing the idiot Elizabethan collar. But I'll leave that up to you, dear reader. And tell you how she's doing with it.

She came in on Saturday with a little owey on her left hind-quarters; not a bite, but more a tear. We started to treat her with an old-fashioned remedy, Bag Balm. She didn't enjoy it, but she was, "ok" with it for the first day.

Cats are cute, but they are pretty disgusting as far as their mouths go. She is a preen freak. She obsesses about her coat. Now she has a wound. From the looks of it, we've assumed she hit a stick - OR - it snagged her beautiful fluffy coat while she was jumping down from the fence, or deck, or something,. In her attempts to keep it clean,(with dirty cat mouth) and ours to apply the Balm, which became more of a nightmare for the girl child holding her, she was becoming very mean and nasty as patients go. Growling, showing her fangs, ears back. And the boo-boo was getting bigger. Ok, ok, call the Vet.

Off to Petsmart for a new carrier, as Big bad Bosco broke through our last one. Ok, it was the paperboard one you buy for dirt-cheap at the vets. AND he weighs 23 pounds and I had to bungee him in it to take him last visit. We have finally stepped up to the plate and purchased a real plastic carrier. Which, to my surprise, she actually didn't mind at all. She seemed to be very content on the ride to the vet and even allowed her (my aunt is our vet) to handle her without growling.

I just wonder what she was doing when they put this on her! Or when they shaved her wound. I'm pretty certain she wasn't thrilled. But for now, she is on antibiotics and an antibiotic, anti-fungal wash twice a day each. She doesn't like having the little pill shoved down her throat, but she seems to enjoy the spray bath.
It's hard not to laugh at her when she's trying to walk through the house; her peripheral vision is totally off, due to the reflections she must be getting. She is walking from room-to-room, and she does this by walking her body against the wall, almost like she's blind and trying to find her way. It's so sad. Which is why she's getting spoiled with milk and hamburger and cheese and butter. Hey, gotta get that little pill down her throat, right! Yep, that reminds me, it's THAT time.
I was going to send pictures of the boo-boo, but I thought some might get really grossed out. It's pretty meaty.
Before we know it, she'll be off in the garden catching mice again for Nick to rack up the dollars!! But for now, she is on house-arrest. In her collar, looking funny. And slightly disoriented. She officially weighs 9 pounds. I was shocked at her excessive weight gain. The little piggy. She used to weigh 6. that's what winter does!
Hoping you're pain-free


Emily said...

ah, poor nala. i hope she gets better soon, so she can take the collar off! i'm glad you didn't post pictures of the wound, just hearing about it was almost more than my (weak) stomach could handle!

Jeff said...

Cool, new template eh? Likey!

So, can you pick up satellite channels with that thing on your cat?