Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This past Saturday was the first Winter Drumline show I've been able to attend. The little bit of face peering out from behind the bass drum is my girl, Cinderisa. Come to think of it, this was her first show in weeks.

This would be the snare line; which I believe she will be in next year. I've been corrected - she will be trying out for "Tenors," which is five drums. (Dear, Lord, please allow me to handle more of this wonderful sound to come from the bedroom she resides. )

No, I do not handle the sound of the banging of drums too well. In fact, before the show was over, before her group was up to perform, I was regretting that I'd forgotten my abortive. We stayed long enough to watch her and quickly left.

Bang! Bang! Bang! It has felt as though my head were inside of the drums. I had asked her lastweek to draw the aura I've been getting, while I explained it to her. Now, I've decided to paint it for myself. It seems to be much easier, as it's been something I've been wanting to do for the past three years, but haven't. The lack of concentration seemed always to get in the way. But now, I have a burning desire to just get it out on canvas. hey, maybe it'll go away. you just never know.

I will say this, in the bigger picture, looking over the past three years, I am in a much better place as far as the migraines go. They still come and take over, but it's not a constant over-bearing presence like it was. My days are lived in a more tolerable pain scale of a daily 3ish. Unlike the daily 7-9 that I used to live with.

I know they are ever present, in their cunning ways; the aura - the reminder. The lack of dealing with sound and light, motion or too much of any change in my life. Still, overall, my life is more livable. This is somewhere I didn't think I would see or feel or live. Just a few short years ago. And yet, here I am. I am proof that the right doctor and the right combination of meds CAN work. And I am NOT an easy case. The limitations, adverse reactions, allergies to medications, tia's, differing types of migraines; just to ramble off a few, make prescribing me any sort of medication risky, to say the least.

But treating Migraine Disease (and NO, it's really not just a headache) is do-able. Now, if I could just get some sleep at night, that might help me out a little.

Hoping you are pain-free today


Jeff said...

Hold on... you're saying these last 3 years are BETTER than before? Yikes! I can't even imagine how you managed when they were worse.

But good for you on being able to let your daughter do her thing, even though it must be murder on you. That's true love :-)

deborah said...

thanks for the laugh! actually, yes these last 3 years, believe it or not, are much better. at least I can be home now.

And as far as my girl doing her thing, thankfully, the drum does NOT come home with her this year. THANKFULLY!!!

Dr.Carley Clan said...

I am happy to hear the new reg. is working. It is so hard to get just the right thing for ones body since we are all different. I am like you, 10 years ago it was everyday, now it has gone down drastically. I have found it helps to have the right doc. So few truly understand.
Hope today is a migraine free day!