Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Day, Another Migraine

Alas, you've come again, my foe. Never friend. You've stayed longer than many friends dare stay; perhaps you just frighten them away. Thinking you somehow might rub off onto them. Eeew, if only it was true. If I could rub you off, to someone other than me; who would I give you to?
You seek me out, when least expecting, feeling good and not suspecting. I wasn't prepared for your return; just go away, please stop the burn. In and out the knife; so deep. Must you interupt my sleep? The stars, the swirls, the spinning lights. The NeverEnding show at night.
My ears, how you pierce them with pain and sound. Making it difficult to move around. My balance and gait, my unsteady ways. I look like I've been drinking - I'm in such a daze.
I'm seeking for solace for tranquility, peace. But you bring me nothing but pain and unease. I writhe and I twitch and vomit and scream! Hallucinate, cover my eyes, mouth and ears - just to dream. But my dreams become nightmares of your horrible face - the demon called 'Migraine,' one I can never erase.
Oh, sometimes you ease up, yes, just a bit, for a while; just to tempt me, torment me, to tease me, I think it's your syle. Yet you never do leave altogether at all. So I'm left here to curl up once again in my ball. Impatiently waiting, crying in pain, with the smallest of headache until the next Migraine.
Oh, yes, the demon struck again. We were fortunate enough to have the sun shine on us yesterday; maybe that is what did it. The sun poking through the trees as I was driving, and then in the living room, regardless; it HIT me hard. TOO hard. I do so hate this demon.
hope you are pain-free
this is funny, I just read this on my box of tea:
"Hope is a waking dream"


Megan Oltman said...

Oh Deb - here's hoping that demon leaves soon! and you can return to the waking dream!
- Megan

deborah said...

thanks, Megan. and to think I have a two-hour dentist appt today. ugh

Migraine Chick said...

I'm so sorry the demon is back. Sending hugs your way!

Jeff said...

Sorry to hear about your uninvited guest. Has it left yet?