Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My goodness, it has been a long time hasn't it! Things haven't changed too much since the last pic. Well, I don't have the Flu now. I'm still paying Tag with the Migraine monster though, as we speak. I pretty much hate his ever living guts. Even though, there is no such true existence to speak evil of.

We did take a little mini vaca to MD to see Pam and Larry and celebrate a whole host of things.

This is Pam and Larry. Frank's brother. It was also his birthday. The first time we've seen their new home; as well as Frank's parents, who came with us. It was a very interesting trip. I had fun. Especially listening to Frank and Uncle Vince from the middle seats, very entertaining. You'd have to know each of them to really appreciate the conversation. But I'll not go there today. I'm just not up for comedy relief just yet.

We played some serious killer MadGab - Boys against the Girls. There is something to be said about Italians and games. This game is a lot of fun, and I will be purchasing it for my home, for sure! We had so much fun. I learned that one of my brothers-in-law does NOT like to lose, is a very poor sport, and will attempt almost anything short of selling his children to win. But I won't sell him out, even though he wasn't the one who had the birthday this particular weekend. Games with these guys, was a blast!

But even better, was when Ricci's boyfriend came over to meet her uncles for the first time.

Now, as Frank's wife, I had been sitting and eating with him, naturally and all. And when this poor, unsuspecting kid came in and sat down with us; Joe, the unbirthday bro-in-law, looks at me and says, with ALL seriousness, "Debbie, would you mind giving us a minute. Alone?"

I nodded to Joe, looked at the kid and said, "Good luck, " with all seriousness, of course. Then moved to the "wives" table. Where we quitely laughed like hyenas, holding our pee! And drank wine.

Aaaah, much better. Ricci, with her feeling-much-better-now friend; Jesse, Vanessa and of course, Javier - Rocco's cousin.

Jesse and Benny. He is so very sweet. He doesn't mind at all if you step on him; he will lie right there. He is a rescued Greyhound. A creampuff. Aren't these girls beautiful!?

philip and Alec making goofy faces. And boxing Nicholas. My girls didn't come along for the trip, they were at their Dad's. What a ride.

We hit a pretty bad snowstorm on the way down; saw too many accidents to count, one car, literally slid out in front of us. three or four tractor-trailers jack-knifed. That was MY turn to drive, too. But I enjoy driving in those conditions. It doesn't bother me; I remain calm then, thank you, Lord. I know that is where I get it. Frank drove all the way home, which was sunny and dry and also put me in the middle of the van. I think that may have thrown me back into the Migraine storm I've been in. Who knows? Between the trip and the constant weather changing, it's hard to say.

Philip left yesterday and is getting ready again for yet another deployment. His father is stresed and concerned for him, as are the rest of his family. As for Philip, he just seems so anxious to want out of the military. To be home with his family, and to be away from the states doing something, anything else. How sad.

As for me, the continuing aura and banging and stabbing are at it again and again and again. And now my poor Cinderissa has the Flu. At least I can wait on her and try to make her feel better.

Hoping someone is pain-free


Megan Oltman said...

Ooo Deb sorry you're feeling so rotten. Glad you got the family visit in - sounds like fun. I hit the road with migraine yesterday to see family - sometimes we've got to go on and live the life, even if the beast hits. Can't always sit home in the dark! Hope you feel better soon! - Megs

Migraine Chick said...

Hope you're feeling better today. I hate the banging and stabbing, too.