Monday, February 04, 2008

Plagued, or Something Eerily Familiar

I should have known, and yet, when that still, small voice inside me was telling me; I shut it out. So in hindsight, I suppose, I did know.

Last Saturday, that would be whooo, Jan. 26! Yes, ok, two weeks ago then; the kids were at their Dad's and Frank was working. I was home by myself with this "strange pent up burst of energy" - you fellow Migraineurs out there know exactly where this is leading and what that means. That was also what the small voice was telling me.

Ms. Energy decided to not only do some laundry, (like 4 loads), but also clean the kitchen, and bedroom and my bathroom, sweep the main level, lower level, AND (yeah, there's still more, no kidding, I know, shocking) go grocery shopping. All in the morning. In one day. By myself. And I took a shower and got dressed. I know lot's of people do this and MORE - dare to dream, I did once, too. Hey, not anymore! this day was a rare one, folks. OH, I almost forgot, I also filled my own tank. Ooh la la. (does anyone else hear the mice singing from Cinderella???? No?)

When Frank got home from work, he got himself showered; and as he did, I made us a yummy light salad with (killer numero dos) pancetta and fennel - baked with some brown sugar, over some field greens. And a yummo light salad dressing with honey, red wine vinegar, lemon, olive oil and S&P that I usually only make in the summer why I just don't know anymore. Yeah, I was a busy girl.

He comes downstairs as I'm getting things on the table, takes one look at my smiling face and says: "You look awful!

I'm like, "What??? I feel fine!" I give him the rundown of my day, continue loading up plates, ignoring the still talking voice in my head, and he says: "I don't care, you look awful. Have you looked at your eyes? You look like a MIGRAINE!"

NO. NOT THAT! ANYTHING, BUT THAT! Well, not anything, but, you know what I mean.

And then comes Sunday. I wake up, yyyaaaawn, roll over, sit up, stand. Hmm, that's odd, my joints are feeling a little achy and my head hurts. Oh, yeah, and watch out for flying Aura. Houston, we also have sound-effects this morning, it's going to be a very bad day. Ahh, yes, now I remember, there was no sleep to be had lastnight. I wasn't dreaming, I was watching the Technicolor Aura show! Oh, this is so far from good.

"Frank, I don't feel so good. I ache and my head is bad. I'm going to the couch." And he has a little plumbing problem of his own.

Within an hour, I'm in full throttle of Migraine Attack. Frank comes running - "Deb, you never should have had the Pancetta! It's highly processed meat! No wonder you have a migraine. I knew you didn't look good."

He gets me my abortive. And we both recall that this came on before the Pancetta. OOps! on the Pancetta - I so know better, too. But it looked so yummy when Giada was making it on Friday, I HAD to try it. I never eat processed meats, I'm very careful if I can help it. (It was a delicious salad by the way!)

By mid-day, I was at a 9, complete with barfing (Nick's favorite and he hasn't stopped talking about it since, AND thanked me for making him laugh. brat) I never give in to the 10. I felt like garbage! I also felt something else coming over me. Something......Icky.

On Monday, when the Migraine lowered it's grasp on my skull, oh which by the way, was on the left side; I was feeling the Grim Reaper had come to my door and left a Casserole for me, perhaps. With a side of death. I had the FLU. I. could. not. move. my. body. seriously. I didn't get out of bed for Marisa. I don't think I got out of bed for Christina until she was getting out the door. Poor Nicholas, I don't even remember if he had breakfast that day. Or lunch, or how he got dressed, what he wore, nothing.

Every cell in my living breathing body hurt just to move. I was having trouble breathing, literally. I could not wait for his bus to get here to pick him up, just so I could go die! I laid on the couch in an upright position all day, so I could try to breath. Used my puffer, mucinex and drank water like there was no tomorrow.

Most of the week is really a fog of coughing, drinking water, trying to sleep, and dying to feel better. I kept thinking, "Dear, God; tomorrow, please let me better." Just to feel a teensy bit better. But God did make me feel better, just like I asked. Even if it was just a little bit.

Frank took Tuesday off of work, asked me if I wanted to go to the doctor, but I just couldn't, in the literal way, get myself out of bed. And I didn't. I stayed there for the entire day into Wednesday. I was either cold or sweating; there was no warm to be had. My body ached to be rubbed. I was hacking lung, well, I was trying but the darn thing refused to come up! I could feel it trying hard to break free. I coughed so hard, I gave myself a little tummy work-out! I had spasms, pains in my muscles, muscles I didn't think I'd even had, just from coughing. I had to start curling into a ball with a pillow just to cough.

Frank kept saying, "You should've gone to the doctor!" But I kept telling him, I just needed rest and my water, let me ride it out. Thankfully, I'm doing better today, didn't need antibiotics. And although I did lose a considerable amount of weight, that I didn't need to lose.

On Friday, we had us a little icy storm up here in the Northeast. We get them from time to time, and though they can be pretty scary and damaging, they are quite beautiful. Yesterday, after church, Christina and I grabbed my camera for some cool (ha, get it!) shots. Seems so befitting to this post. There was a light fog in there, too. Now this cemetary dates back to the 1800's, real cool. I love old cemetaries. Such history. I'm going to go back in the spring to get more. See if you can read this:

By the way, this cemetary is just a hop, skip and a jump from us. Oh and congrats to the new Superbowl Champions THE NY GIANTS!!!!!!!!

And seriously hoping you are all pain-free today.



Anonymous said...

Oh, Deb, how I feel your pain. I sometimes think that giant burst of energy is part of the prodrome, so much so that when I was especially cheerful and talkative my husband started to get worried.

Maybe the pancetta made it worse (or maybe not), but I don't think it caused it. And even if it did cause it, no guilt, OK? Migraine is like a minefield, and it's not exactly easy to dodge mines day after day ...

Sending you (very gentle) hugs.

Jeff said...

Good grief Deborah, I feel so helpless when I hear about how much you are suffering with these horrible migraines. I hope you'll accept my prayers that you find relief soon and often. It's all I got.

Migraine Chick said...

I really love your cemetery pictures. It's so cool to walk around them and read the old tombstones.

Dr.Carley Clan said...

as you know your aura was the good feeling before you ate that just set it to the moon. My migraines are like that. I always say I will not give into the 10 as well...although sometimes I feel like it is a 13! You poor thing...I can feel your pain. My husband can tell by my face as well with the migraine thing. I usually can hear and smell things like a dam dog...I mean really far away!!!! I was thinking you may have had a migraine you did not post for a few days...the barf is the worst...blah!

I feel for you I pray you have a pain free one today!

your migraine/aura buddy

Megan Oltman said...

Deb - I saw you hadn't posted in quite a while and I wondered... worried about you! So sorry you had such a rough time. Isn't it funny (not) how migraines and other hideous illness icks seem to morph right into each other. Happens to me so often. That salad sounded yummy, tho! If only you could get that processed meat taste without the processing...

deborah said...

thank you all so very much for your kind thoughts, words, mostly prayers, and especially visiting.

If you haven't gotten your flu shot, by all means, go do that, because it's a mean and nasty virus.

Yeah, on that pancetta - if only!