Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What Ya Lookin' For, Rocco?

Poor, sad Rocco. What on Earth could he be looking for out that great big window? Could it be the kitty, Bosco, his best friend? No, he's asleep on the couch.
So what could that giant goofball be looking for?
I don't see the geese across the street either. Wait, it's coming to me - from the deep silence growing through the house, yes that's it. The silence, that must be it.

I'll bet this had something to do with it:
And this:

Look how nice Christina smiled for me this year! Not like last year; no last year there was much pouting and sourness. No worries, I got some of THAT!! Oh yes, yes, I got some of that I did. Miserisa gave me that: Just look at THIS:
Oh notice Rocco in the screen door!(Which is leaving us by the way! I should do an update on another post though about the new stuff) Click on this picture to get the fullness of the brattitude will ya. In all fairness, she did smile:I'm not sure it was real, but it's a smile. She was the big protestor for the "First Day of School Pictures" so I suppose that is why she put up such a fuss.

(That wall to the right of her, that's going too. Changing out the big window, too! YEAHH)

Today, if you haven't guessed, is the first day OF SCHOOL HERE IN OUR DISTRICT!!! Just a little excited. No more, "I'm bored" "What are we doing today?" "Can we go somewhere, do something???" bla bla bla blah!!!!

Why, yes! Now you have homework, and reading assignments. Oh, and don't forget the work around the house you have, plus the church activities you have; AND afterschool activities. I'm sure there's more.

Better go fill the taxi, my life is just getting started, too. But poor Rocco, you are on your own, man. Gotta run!


Oh, I almost forgot, if you DO enlarge the pictures, be careful you DON'T look at the guts and gizzards that Bosco left for me this morning. Nick promised to clean them up when he gets off the bus. Hey, we pay him $1 per mouse or kill that the cats bring in. Like I'M going to clean it?! No thanks. So remember, DON'T look for the guts and gizzards. K, Bye

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Lisa Milton said...

Thanks for coming by today. There's power in numbers - it feels good to have someone get it.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying a few 'free' hours now.