Thursday, September 06, 2007

Home Alone

Today is my official. first. day. home. alone .without YOU! You have been my constant little companion, my sidekick, my little buddy for the past 6 (I know, almost 7) years.

You have always been with me! What am I going to do? Sure, you went to pre-school for half the day, and kindergarten, too; but this is a WHOLE day that you will be in a different place from me.

No more cuddling in our pj's to Curious George, because, well you were in too much of a hurry to get out the door to school today. I did get to lurk around the corner and scare the daylights out of you this morning. But I won't get another chance all day. Because you will be somewhere else.

Who will help me weed the garden today? Or put up our Fall decorations, shop for new ones? Remember how much fun it was to go shopping together? It's not going to be any fun alone. Everyone seems to think I will enjoy the "peace and quiet" but it's sound is very echoing for me. It's one I'm not used to. I find it lonely, not peaceful. I enjoy my children around me.

It is exciting to watch you grow; make friends, learn new things, explore the world around you. But I can't help but feel, well, selfish in not wanting to let you go yet. I know, I know, it's only 1st grade! But you are my baby. My little boy. My sweet, cuddly little boy. The one who will still curl up in my lap, look so sweetly in my eyes and tell me so wonderfully how much you love me.

Oh, how I am going to miss you! Yesterday, I had too much running around to notice the day fly past me. But today, is long and lonely. And Rocco is looking at me with the same wonder in his eyes - "where is everybody?" and "when oh when will they get home?"
Until I see you this afternoon; I shall take care of my things here for you and your sisters and Frank, your kitties and Rockhead. I will bake you more cookies to greet you off the bus; which, by the way, is one of the perks of being a Mom!
I love my job! Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to take care of my family. I may not always do it right, or perfect, and they may not be either; but they are mine and I am theirs. I am so thankful that at the end of their days, I can be here for them. Whether my head is banging or not, I'm able to be here for them. And they are here for me!
Hoping you all have a wonderful, pain-free day
Update: The guts, gizzards and the partial head with one eye that Frank found, yes, they were all cleaned up this morning by Nick and I. Frank owes him a buck when he gets home. Gotta love cats.


Lisa Milton said...

I've been trying to think of my new 'spare' time (it is starting to fill) as my time to do get all my chores and hobbies done, so I am available and not distracted when they get home.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Joanna said...

hehehe such a sweet entry :-) What a great mom you are. I have a feeling that you will grow to enjoy the quiet and free time - especially with the pup to keep you company during those times you miss your kiddies! I know my mom told me that once I even started nursery school, she didn't know what to do with herself, but then realized, "It's adult time! I'll play with her later!" hehehe
Feel good!

Jeff said...

Talk about milestones huh? I can see why you miss him - what a little cutie.

Emily said...

oh so sweet. sorry i've been absent lately; you know how it goes. :/

but i think it's so great that you love having your kids around you. i'm sure you'll be able to get more done w/o the kids at home, but i'm sure they can tell how loved they are by their momma.