Saturday, June 30, 2007

A New Visitor for Frankie, sort of

So, poor Frank has been in the rehab center for a little over a week now. No, he's not in because he has a problem with illegal drugs -YET - although, they do have him on lot's of narcotics at the moment.

He had his knee replaced on the 18th of June. Yeah, ouch. Does anyone else pronounce the work "knee" as ka-nee when you see it spelled out?? Anyhoo, Rocco has been sort of wondering, well, that is if dogs do that sort of wondering thing; he's been following me around when I blow in and out of the house the way I do these past two weeks. It's been pretty freaking crazy!! Literally and seriously.

Thankfully, and I do mean, THANKFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heavenly choir (in my head) singing in the background; my kids are gone. for. the . weekend. They were dropped off lastnight to their Dad's. Who also, was in the hospital, at the same time that Frank was. Interesting, I know. (I had nothing to do with that!) We get along quite well.

How many women can say that they had the opportunity to spend the evening, in two different hospitals, with two different husbands? Let me just tell you; it's not at all it's cracked up to be, and I did it only one time. I hate running around. And it's all I've done since poor Frank ended up getting his kanee tore open and replaced with the new and improved titanium baby. That had better last the 20 years they say it should. Or I may end up in a pasyche ward. Or under a bridge on lot's and lot's of illegal drugs. Who knows.

Oh, where on earth was I going with this; hang on, back to the top. Right, the dog and the visit. Each and every time I leave, the dog gets crated; which he just sincerely loves. Think bribe. So today was going to be different for good ole Rockhead. Today I was going to treat him to the R..I..D..E; which of course cannot be said allowed for obvious dillerious reasons - think clearing of the coffee table, spit-flying and mad-dash by the 100lb beast. This needed some careful thinking.

As it was, Frank had already needed MY, or rather a better cup of Jo than what the rehab ctr offered. So I got the call to come, and I needed to rescue. Dogs are onto our cleverness, no matter how hard we try to conceal what we're up to, they are on. to. it. He saw thru me, all the way. And I didn't look at him the entire time I was getting clean shirts, and coffee and packing things to bring. But this big oaf KNEW he was going. Let me tell you, it's been a long time since he's been in the van.

Anyway, clearly he enjoyed himself. It's been nearly two weeks since he's seen his Daddy, and I thought he'd pee himself when he saw him. (the dog, not Frank) Frank has rather good control of that. It was a very nice little reunion. Who knows, maybe he'll get to go back later. Maybe! In this last picture, he felt like he had to protect his Daddy each time the door opened up. The staunch protector that he is - yeah, that's him!!!


Jackie said...

That's so great that they let you take the dog into see Frank! I know how much that would have meant to both of them!!

deborah said...

I found they get a lot of doggie visitors. I may start to bring him after Tuesday; when he gets his shots updated. (he's a few months behind.) They loved him there!! And he is a gentle giant.

Harmonica Man said...

Dogs ARE smart. They know exactly when you're leaving. ESPECIALLY when you're leaving without them!

deborah said...

Tell me about that, Jeff! I took him again lastnight, and I had to enter the bldg, he sat there crying for me. I'm not allowed to leave his side. EVER!

terri said...

Awww. What a good boy who loves his person-Dad. Very sweet. :)