Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Bionic Knee

No, he's not taking ballet lessons! Though he does look cute in his tights, tee hee. He's actually squatting up and down to stretch his muscles.

And here, he's pulling his leg in as close as he can. "Come on, Frankie, you can do it!! Pull harder!"

Now that is one straight leg! Amazing. On Monday, MONDAY; this man had a total and complete knee replacement surgery. Look at him. He is up and walking. It is not, by any means an easy task. I give him a lot of credit. He's in pain, and he is working hard; but he's doing it.
Go Frankie, Go!! Don't worry, I will take lot's more pictures of his progress.
People there thought I was crazy for doing this - HA! They'll wish they had someone doing the same for them. And they should really, showing them their own progress. They deserve it. This is life-changing surgery. I know this is going to change things for Frank.
He will be able to walk again; take walks. Play basketball, go for a run with Marisa. Ride bikes with me. These are things people take for granted, that can't do them. I look forward to these days with my Frankie.
For now, he must work very hard just to make each new literal baby step. To build muscle that hasn't been used. To strengthen those that have weakened.
I am proud of him for going forward and following thru with this very big and painful surgery.
And anyone else who must go through it.


Jennine said...

I have a 26 year old cousin who was playing in an "air guitar" contest in Minneapolis last weekend. At one point in his performance, he crashed onto his knees and broke them. He had surgery today to try to repair torn ligaments but because he shattered the bones beneath his knee caps, he will be wheelchair bound for the next four months.

My prayers are with Frankie for a speedy healing.

Emily said...

that's amazing. i'm so impressed that he's ALREADY working on rehabilitation. i'm sure he'll be glad to have these pictures...someday. ;)

Harmonica Man said...

Go Frankie! You wrote this like 5 days ago and he was up and walking already at the time. So is he running marathons already now?