Monday, June 04, 2007

Pain Sucks out LOUD

Oh, the things I subject myself to - for the sake of pain relief. The last being the very large Star Wars like beam that was thrust into my skull. . . . yeah, I'm still waiting. Still waiting for the pain to LEAVE ANY TIME NOW!!!! So, what do you do for pain relief??

I've gone to Boston. I've Been to the Great gods in Michigan for a full month of head-on, full-blast and full-blown, to the core, top of the line treatment folks. I learned so very much from the good gods there, but unfortunately for me, not much else , as far as pain relief, was accomplished.

I've had facet blocks, occipital blocks, nerve blocks, cryoanalgesic (the latest and greatest); I've been a virtual pin cushion voodoo doll for pain therapy. Yet, not getting pain relief. Yet. But there's still hope, right?

I've tried massive amounts of drugs, in all sorts of combonations, and had too many adverse reactions to too many drugs to even put down here. My combination of drugs that I CAN safely take is actually easier to write. I. am. the picture of an adverse reaction. My middle name is anaphylaxis.

Oh, boo freaking hoo. I know. I'm entitled to cry out just a little bit here. I am afterall, in agony once again. And frankly, I'm tired of it. Again. Feeling a gap closing that was looking open. I suppose that is the chronic lifestyle, isn't it. Don't get too comfortable in that normal-looking skin; it changes.

Hey, at least I found a pretty new nail polish to wear while I look and feel like crap. If only I can muster the energy and the tolerancy of the smell to put it on! You know, a girl's gotta look good! I do have my priorities; toes, fingers, clean sheets.......oh, and clean car windows are an absolute must have! Which reminds me, I need to wash the passenger window in my van of the dog snot. I know, gross.

Oh, speaking of pain! Frank. Not that Frank is a pain or anything, but Frank is having or rather going to be having a LOT of pain!! He will be getting a brand spanking new knee on the 18th! Yeah for Frankie!!! He needs it. Cause his knee is like shot, totally. I'll get a really good picture of the now and for sure some of the afters. And you know I'll be getting some of him in rehab. Poor guy.

Suffice it to say - our vaca in Va Beach - well, it ain't happening this year. Bummer for the kids. But, hey, the beach ain't going anywhere right! Health trumps vacation; that's the way we look at life here. That's the way we needed to last year when I couldn't go. and let's face it - there is no way he will be ready to travel by July. boy are we going to be a barrel of laughs.

Happy Day to someone out there.


Angel said...

Happy Day passed me by today.

Sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I've given up trying to figure out my body (well for today anyhow). You have to share that title of Queen of Adverse Reactions with me, dearie (but hey--we can have matching crowns!) Ok, so I'm "only" allergic to 2, the rest just make me wish I could crawl into a hole.

I'm sorry to hear about Frank's knee--my knees twinge in sympathy (slip & fall 2 years ago). Here's to a quick recovery.

Maybe try some "natural" nail polishes, the kind without all the chemicals? I'm thinking scented polishes would probably be worse.

I consider it a good day if I've shaved my legs LOL

((((((Big hugs))))))) hang in there hon!

Migraine Chick said...

I was just blogging about everything I've tried in the last six months for my migraines and I'm still wondering when is the pain going to leave, too.

deborah said...

funny, mine had been on low-end for the last 6 months with a gradual climbing; and now it's like - BAM, right back into the old days of the mighty monster. frying pan to the side of the head, and the rail tie in the top of my skull. not to mention the baseball bat at the neck. I'm thinking it never really goes away, my friend.

Emily said...

:( i'm sorry you're feeling especially bad. i can sympathize. i hope you can feel better soon! :)