Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Thank you all for your emails and posts on Frankie. He has had some setbacks, but is doing much better now. He'd been fighting an infection and blood clot; but, not anymore thankfully!

He goes to Physical Therapy in the morning, which is complete torture, as you could imagine. And then he's off to Occupational Therapy in the afternoon. He has been in a rehabilitation center since last Thursday, and it's right up the road from the house. Thank God!

I've been going twice a day with Nicholas, who runs up and down the halls when we get there. And the girls come when their schedules aren't too busy. He is mostly bored, so he is doing what he does best, sweet-talking the nurses. I haven't been there to get any recent pictures of therapy, but he is doing great. No marathons, Jeff.

It's amazing how far orthopedics has come! He was up and walking the evening of his surgery. I still don't believe it.

Thank you again for your concern and well-wishes.



Emily said...

wow, that's amazing. good luck frank, and keep up the hard work!

Harmonica Man said...

Whew! Glad to hear he fought off the infection and clot! That's scary stuff. When's he coming home?

Migraine Chick said...

Sending you good luck and well-wishes!

Joanna / "Her Life In A Nutshell" said...

what an amazing story you've been sharing about Frank! Great for him, and best of luck.

Also, Congratulations on having your site honored by MyMigraineConnection.com / HealthCentral.com ! My site is about my struggle with New Daily Persistent Headache, but I share a similar type of pain as migraine-ers (yeah, I just made up that word, heh). I feel right there with you when you talk about wanting to paint your nails but not having the energy!

Again, congratulations, and keep it up :-)

Emily said...

congratulations, deborah!