Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ciao Ciao Zio

On Wednesday, our Zio left to go home to Italy. We miss him. We had a wonderful time getting to know him and love him. Teaching him interesting ways of our American heritage. Frank especially; they had a very unique bonding of their own, travelling to see Philip come in from Iraq.

He was able to visit Frank's brother in Maryland, so he did some travelling on the East coast, which is what he intended. He took hundreds, literally, of pictures. Visited the kids events, and recorded them. Went to wine country - he likes his wine. He loves hot sauce and barbecue and he absolutely loves Walmart. With an inate passion. He may miss that more than anything. He is 79 years old, and gets around like he's 59! He is so full of life. I miss him.

The next pictures will have snakes!!

When he first visited us, the kids brought the snakes out, and naturally he was frightened. Marisa talked him into petting them. He did. Well, last Tuesday when he was here, Philip decided to walk around with one on his neck, so...........

naturally, he wanted his picture taken with the snake on HIS neck. How cute is he!!! So when he did it, of course.........

Nonno had to get in on the action. How cute is he?? Now, Nonna doesn't like the snakes At ALL. She thinks they are disgusting and tells us so everytime she sees them. She doesn't want them near her, in any way, shape or form. You Understand Me!!

So.... when Philip did this, she was trying to get away, but he was pulling her back. Notice Hyrup, the snake moving toward her ear. Poor Nonna. I felt bad for her, while I was TAKING the picture. But it was too funny NOT to. It's not a smile on her face, believe me, it's total fear.

He loved Rocco, too. He called him, Rocky. We will miss our Zio Corrado. Philip, too. He is back on base, getting retrained for something, different.
Frank is now home and working his leg and body hard; trying to get it to work and bend. It's an amazing thing this new improved knee. It's amazing how fast he is healing. It amazes how hard he pushes himself to get better. You go, Frankie!
As for me, my little aura are playing like the game Centipede. That is what they look like now. And my balance has been playing "off" lately. A little hemi was thrown into the pool of migraine again for me on Friday. It's been a year since I had one of those. I woke again toda;y with the centipede-aura, and the right side is just a little;.....weird again for me. So, here we go.
Hoping everyone else better days


Harmonica Man said...

Didn't they make a movie about this - Snakes on a Blog?

They are braver than I am, putting the snakes around their necks like that. {{{shiver}}}

deborah said...

No, Jeff; I did that a few blogs back. The movie was Snakes on a Plane. I won't see that one. Eeew. Our snakes are sweet, though, as long as their still young and small.