Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ch.. chh.. chh...chhanges

Look at the sweet little table I found at a garage sale for only $4. Well, he wanted $8, she said $5 when I requested the 4, and told me to, "just come back later and see if it's still here." So as I started to walk to the van with an, ok then attitude, he said, "$4 works for me!"

Isn't it cute? So I sanded it down, chucked the ugly knob (ka-nob), and am now in search for a very pretty colored glass, sparkley one. Oh, and I do not yet know what I am going to do with said table.

First I thought I'd just dry paint it a nice serene cream color; but no, that is just too predictable and boring. I think I want to try something a little more fun and flashy. A little more wild and cranky and unpredictable.

Did I mention that we are changing the kids' roomS around? As in ALL of their rooms! So here is how the move is to take place: Christina will be moving to Marisa's room; Marisa will be moving to Nicholas' room; and Nicholas will be moving to Christina's room. Naturally, all themes will be scratched for new, updated themes. Only one room will be painted - thankfully, the smallest of the three, which will be the most complicated and the most fun - Nicholas' room. He wants it in a camouflage theme. Can't wait. Well, actually, I can totally wait.

Christina and I did some shopping for her room yesterday - she is going with a retro black, hot pink and white/cream idea. Very pretty. Very Girly, and Very Christina.

Naturally, Cinderisa has yet to find her theme.

Marisa made her sister a birthday cake yesterday, and a birthday hat. I can't believe my little blondie is 12! She also took care of her brother while I took Christina out for a day of shopping, which is tradition on your birthday. We ran. all. day. long. And she was just as exhausted as I was. I couldn't believe my ears when she said to me, "Mom, no wonder you tell me you're too tired to go anywhere. I'll never ask you to take me out at night again!"

But I assured her that she definitely could. poor thing. We just wore each other out!

Marisa did an awesome job with Nicholas, Vanessa and Jasmine; not to mention, Frank wasn't feeling well. She made lunch, cleaned up after them and lunch, had them helping with cake; mowed the lawn, cleaned her room, Nick's room, kept order with three arguing little children. Then put together dinner because I collaped with a migraine when I got home and needed a 40 minute nap before everyone arrived for cake and ice cream.

So, why do we call her, Cinderisa?

Aren't my girls beautiful!? Ok, usually Marisa, well sometimes, Marisa does something with her hair - like she lately has this natural wave style going on, and it is sooooo pretty. I don't know WHAT this style is. But hey, that's ok, because if it's unattractive to the boys, too, great!
Almost forgot - I may throw my toothbrush away for good!! Why??? Because I just bought a Sonicare from my dentist and I absolutely LOVE it!! My mouth has never been so clean. Seriously, I love it! I recommend it. But put it in your mouth before you turn it on, because it is messy.
On the migraine front - things are weird again. Naturally. I should probably call my neuro (I'm saying to myself) actually I did see him a couple of weeks ago; but things are getting increasingly ummmm, odd.
The aura are changing, and my right side has been sort of losing it's grip and feeling; and then the migraine comes. I feel like a part of my brain has disappeared during all of it, and I can't distinguish up and down, right and left. If I'm standing in the bathroom while it's happening and I need to get to the bedroom, I become stuck (in my head) but my feet won't go forward. I can't really explain it any better than that.
I try to move them, I look like a horse prancing her feet, but it just won't walk forward. I can feel the movement going. Down the entire side of me is this weird sensation of electric nothingness. And my stomach - oh my stomach how it burns and hurts and churns. It has happened before all of this. Could the meds be losing their effects again? Oh, yeah, probably.
When the migraine comes after the silence, the cave-like, scoop of nothing that disappears from my brain; it comes on like a plane crash, or a bomb drop - searing itself in. Hot, hard, fast, loud, intense. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder it pulses. Like right now. It's crippling the way it shuts me down.


Jeff said...

You're amazing. Here you are writing this great story about your new table and your beautiful daughters, all the while suffering from a crippling migraine. Hang in there kiddo.

Joanna said...

Beautiful kids :-) Even though our headache types are different, I definitely experience the "stuck" feeling when I get my very sharp pains (which are random), and I just close my eyes wherever I am and stand against whatever I can so that I feel secure. I can't find words, I can't do anything... and then following these random shooting pains, my cognitive abilities seem to be SO slow - thinking, talking, moving to do something, etc.
Definitely talk to your neuro, because meds certainly can lose their effectiveness, I think that may have been happening with my Topamax...
Hang in there :-)

Aimee said...

Thanks for your comment! I love the table - so so cute! It'll be perfect with a glass knob! Good luck!

Jennine said...

Aww...feel better, Deb.

And I just don't get the garage sale thing. I am so challenged in this way. I have yet to find any sort of treasure like you did in that cute table.

Must be a Minnesota thing.

deborah said...

Thanks you guys! Jeff, I didn't get crippled with one, just a little fall down dumb for a few minutes. I'm ok, I'm used to it.

Jennine, on the table, it was pure dumb luck; when I saw it, we were just driving by and there it was; I just said, "stop the car, stopthecarstopthecarstopthecar!!" And I got it. I should really get a pic of the very cute box in the bathroom! Now THAT was a real find. Oh yeah. Nick loves to go with me. He got himself some great deals that day!!