Thursday, April 19, 2007



This is a disclaimer to any and all family and friends, and friends of friends and family; THERE IS NO LONGER ROOM AT THE INN. NO VACANCY. ALL ROOMS ARE FULL. NO STABLES. NO CRATES, PENS, CAGES, TANKS, BOXES, NO PET BEDS OF ANY KIND ARE AVAILABLE FROM THIS DAY FORWARD. SERIOUSLY!!!!! NO, SERIOUSLY, AND I MEAN IT. WHY??? WELL, this pretty much says it all. This is NOT Hyrup. This is Pancakes. (tell me about it! strange enough that I have to foster the things, I did not name them, ok!!) nuff said there. right - Pancakes and Hyrup. the snakes. Can you stand it? Aren't they sweet? HA! get it?

So, before boy number 3, Philip's good buddy, left Monday night; he gives me his weepy-eyes and sad story bout how he would just LOVE ME to watch his snake for him while he's gone. I cannot say, "no." What is my problem with that little two-letter word? It has such power over me. Not so much really, as the animals do. So now we have 2 snakes, 2 fish, 2 cats (snake bait), and 1 dumb dog. 3 kids. We are totally out numbered. Let's not forget that Rockhead is still waiting for his little princess to go into heat so he can get his! And Frank is holding out for a pup on that; hmmm...... I just keep reminding him of the yummy sound he makes when licks his jewels over and OVER AND OVER again, non-stop, which makes Frank growl and yell and want to um harm the dog physically. Again, I do not want another ball-licking, poo-dropping, insane idiot. Albeit, I love my dog, but he is plenty to deal with.
Just look at the size of his head!!! Trust me, there is nothing in there. Nothing. It is completely solid. Like a brick. And just as heavy. When we sit in the livingroom, he rests his head on the coffee table because it's too heavy. I will get a pic of that for you. He is sweet though. Idiot.
No more pets. No more foster pets. Each of the kids has something of petdom in their rooms. Nicholas gave up the fish to Christina yesterday since she has the "beach theme" going on in her room and she was the only one without a pet. Now, he and Marisa each have a snake. So, 2 out of 3 of my children living under my roof essentially have a "pet" living in their rooms that could strangle them to death. Hmmmm, reassuring for a great nights sleep for me! Maybe I should consider going back to iguanas! I mean, the only thing I had to deal with then was a little bite or salmonella, maybe a tail-whipping. What am I thinking!!! I'm DONE!!! DONE DONE DONE!!! NO MORE. no more nomorenomorenomore. NO M O R E.
On a brighter, more normal note, the sun IS shining here. Talk to me!! Oh yeah. AND it's supposed to hit 60 today. Color me happy. OOOOOH and I actually got a clean bill of health yesterday. Amazing. The skeptic in me is waiting for the bomb to drop as today is my least favorite and scariest day of the year. don't know why, but this day has forever been etched in my brain as a day of doom. I'm not a supersticious person and I will walk under ladders to make other people crazy. I don't read my horoscope, or things like that. But, April 19th, for whatever reason, don't know why, scares me. I'm not going to stay indoors because of it. Or avoid life. I will say this, because it was weird, Nicholas woke up, came down to me and the very first words out of his little mouth were these, "something bad is going tohappen today." Which freaked me out, then I happened to look at the calander and whammo. today! Yeah, so with that, I'm going to go shop for my pretty new bathroom. take my boy to lunch.
Have a beautiful day ya'll.


Angel said...

I LURVE critters! We take care of the school tarantula over long breaks, and are raising a mess of crickets (they are SO itty bitty!). Hoping to get a tarantula of my own, but right now have to get a bigger tank for my goldfish.

I would like to have snakes but they'd have to be the insect-eating kind, I just couldn't bear to feed them rodents. But they're neat for sure!

Enjoy your menagerie ;)

deborah said...

no no non non no no no no spiders!!! terrified! nothing creepy crawly for me, makes my spine tingle. eww!

Harmonica Man said...

Ok, so you don't mind having snakes in your house, but you're afraid of April 19th. Makes sense to me!

deborah said...

Jeff - I have never been known to make sense. You have read this blog right? The snakes sort of grew on me, you know, like the hamsters did on you.

Harmonica Man said...

I read this guy's blog today and thought of you. Maybe this is why you don't like the 19th?

deborah said...

oh great. you realize I must go and read this. Belligerent Americans Day. Hey, thanks Jeff. wait, does that make me belligerent?

Harmonica Man said...

Hey Deborah... I have your questions ready. Stop back over at my blog and grab my email from My Profile and send me a note. Then I'll reply with your interview questions. Yay!