Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It Just Keeps Getting Better.........NOT!!!

Migraine With Aura May Be Linked to Heart Disease Mortality

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NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Apr 09 - Data from a new study point to a possible association between migraine with aura and an increased risk of coronary heart disease mortality in women.
"There is substantial evidence that migraine may increase the relative risk of stroke, but the relationship between migraine and coronary heart disease (CHD) is less clear," Dr. Jie Jin Wang and colleagues from the University of Sydney, Australia, write in the April issue of Cephalalgia. "A number of previous studies have suggested an association between migraine and chest pain, but not CHD."
The Women's Health Study recently reported that migraine with aura, but not migraine without aura, was associated with an increased risk of CHD events in women. In the present study, the investigators sought to clarify the issue in a population-based cohort of 2331 Australians ranging in age from 49 to 97 years.
Overall, 233 women and 69 men reported a history of any migraine. Of these, 119 (11.3%) women and 44 (6.5%) men gave a history of migraine with aura, and 114 (10.8%) women and 25 (3.7%) men gave a history of migraine without aura.
The subjects were followed for a mean of 6 years. During that time, 30 women (2.8%) and 30 men (4.4%) died from CHD-related causes. A history of migraine with aura was associated with a non-significant two-fold increased risk of CHD death in women (age-adjusted relative risk 2.2, p = 0.11). The association remained after further adjustment for cardiovascular risk factors.
No CHD deaths were observed in men with a history of migraine.
"If confirmed in other populations, these findings imply that there may be biological links between migraine and systemic cardiovascular disease," Dr. Wang's team concludes. "The nature of any such links are unknown, but may involve pro-coagulable states or a generalized vascular disorder."

Do I dare ask; what next?? Too late. It's already out there. Of course it's vascular! Ok, but cardiovascular? Come on!

I think I'm being badly affected by, well, duh migraines; yeah. But also the major lack of SUN that just refuses to shine over here in the north east where we are experiencing vast aMOUNTS OF GLOBAL WARMING SO BAD THAT THE GAS PRICES HAVE RISEN AGAIN!!! AGH AGHH AGHHHHHH!!!!!! Even though my bathroom is starting to look pretty with it's new color of almost like this, robin's egg blue, the fumes are killing me. And the fumes from the rug that was installed yesterday. Pretty (ha) stinky.

And what is wrong with people today? That someone would just wake up, and go off and kill 32 people. It makes absolutely no sense at all. And I'm complaining about a migraine from paint fumes. Oh, and lack of sun. Those poor people will probably never sleep well again, or be able to look at strangers the same way. Life sometimes makes no sense when you are left to survive.


Jon said...

seriously...what is UP with the price of gas right now...every day i drive by the BP and it's moving on up...and nobody is really saying anything...are we that accustomed to paying 3$ a gallon now that it doesn't even bother us?

- Jon
- Daddy Detective
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deborah said...

tell me about it! hey maybe we can allow them to get it up to say.... $4 a gal. by summer's end!!! yeah