Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Nor'Beaster

These are the hyacinths that are being covered by the new falling snow. The snow that is coming in from the coast line. The snow, that is mixed with sleet, and is quite heavy. It is gritty, like sand. It has completely covered the primroses that came up lastweek.

See how it is weighing down the branches of my little tree! All I ask is this - WHERE IS MY GLOBAL WARMING?? WHY DON'T I SEE SIGNS OF GLOBAL WARMING?? It has been anything BUT warm here. We have only grey skies, no sunshine. I believe "global warming" is nothing but a political stunt used for votes. Look at my poor little tree.

This is Bosco in his Hawaiin get up. I'm thinking of sending it in to Stuff on My Cat. He doesn't mind the costume, and he actually looks pretty good in it. Can you make out the coconut bra? Nala doesn't like this costume, makes her look fat. I think I'll get a better pic, maybe with him sleeping or lounging with an umbrella drink or something. a better pose. One without me in the background.

Look how cute he is when he sleeps. Here he is with his tail over his nose to keep warm. I have got to get a pic of him trying to fit himself into the cat tree. He is too big, but he does try to get in, anyway, it's pretty funny. nala just looks at him in her ever evil way like, "what an idiot," then she just hisses at him and he sweetly meows at her and tries to make friends; then she attacks him. Evil little thing. Look how sweet he is.

I took the girls to get their hair cut on Friday, which is always difficult. I wish I had taken my camera. I had my neice with me, Kaila. She was an absolute blast and I can't wait to have her again. She is the same age as Christina, and only a little bigger than Nicholas - and there was absolutely NO fighting all weekend! All 4 kids got along great. They laughed, they played games! It was great. It was wonderful. Well, Marisa had already decided to go for a real cute funky cut. short and choppy. For Chris, I had decided, hers needed some much needed cutting. She, on the other hand, thought she was only getting about an inch off. not so much. There was a lot of poochie-lip and red face crying and Kaila was being very funny trying to make her laugh. She was cracking me up. In the end, the cut was great, she now loves it. Both girls have donated to Locks-of-Love, everything is great.

The bummer of the whole weekend was this: another death, this time one of the girls' classmates. An 11-year old boy, and very sudden. This was a complete shock, I'm sure to his family, but also to the kids.

So yesterday, I took Chris, Kaila, and two other girls to the wake; and it was just awful! But I do believe it was good for the girls, as they needed both closure and understanding. We met their teacher at the door, as well as a few of the other staff; and I was happy to hear there would be staff on hand for much needed counseling and support when they return tomorrow. (after the snowday). I suppose the snowday will give them some extra time to adjust.

When we were driving from the funeral home, they were all talking about going back to school and seeing his empty desk and locker. That is where they will feel the reality. The shock of his absence.

On a brighter note, Philip called and he will be home in five weeks! We are currently finishing up our family room, as I type this. The rug guys should be here any minute now to finish installing it. Then I can move the furniture back in and clean it, oh joy! I just hope it's not wet from all of the stupid snow! UGH!!!! The lady who is painting the bathroom called to cancel until tomorrow because of the weather, which I totally understand. And gives me some extra time to prep some of it anyway. It's exciting to get this stuff done. We've been waiting a long time. Little by little, something gets done. The money pit takes up more cash. But it's so worth it. I love this house.

I can't wait for Philip to get back home. He's bringing two of his buddies with him from Iraq, from his platoon. We have met them on his Myspace account, so we feel like we know them. But I can't wait to meet them, and hug them, feed them, share my home with them. Allow them to feel at home here. Watch them beat up on Nick with Phil and make him cry and giggle. I can't wait! This is Philip, that is a colored contac


Harmonica Man said...

That's so cool that Philip is coming home! Is he home for leave or home for good?

deborah said...

just on leave; and only for a few weeks at home. he'll be back in NC for 6 months and back out again somewhere else. Not sure where yet.