Thursday, April 26, 2007

And the Mother-of-the-Year-Award Goes To..........(child whispering second edition)

Well, Me! No thanks to the 14 year old that currently resides under the roof. Please allow me to explain.

Let it first be stated, that on several occassions, too many actually, I have said this: "You will recieve ONE wake-up call and after that, you are on your own. The big, yellow vehicle which arrives at our door at 6:40, via our tax dollars will wait for 30 seconds. You get two trips from the red vehicle parked in the driveway; after that, you walk."

Today, was the "after that." At 5:40, Cinderfreakingrisa recieved her wake-up call. I didn't see her again until approximately 8:00 when Nick and I were eating breakfast.

Now, I must rewind to Friday. Friday was the banquet for Winter Drumline. As banquets go, this was an event for parents and the kids alike. Or. so. we. thought. On Thursday, while I was at the desk doing some uh work, I noticed the paperwork, minus the permission slip. I figured that Frank must have taken care of it. He also had noticed it, and thought the same. Thankfully, I asked him about it; and we both realized why it was missing - Marisa had taken it.

So I called her down to the office and asked her about it. Her explanation was this: " I didn't think you guys would want to go, so I just handed it in."

Naturally, the Mom in me is hurt; the growl in Frank is pissed. It's just the way we react. Now, there are still two other parents who have yet to be invited; her father and step-mother, and she has taken it upon herself to uninvite them as well. already. Naturally, she sees no wrong in her actions, as is her way.

My next statement is this, "I'm sure we can still go and just purchase our tickets at the door." Because, afterall, I do want to go. I am the supportive kind of parent. For the past two, maybe three years, I was unable to be a part of their concerts and events because of my illness. I was in and out of the hospital. Or recovering from being on the meds from being IN the hospital, and too sick to attend. So now that I am finally getting somewhat healthy, I want to be there!!

Her response to my statement was this: "NO, you can't! You can't just show up and buy tickets, Mom!" She clearly didn't want me there. It was more than obvious. And Frank let her have it. Thank you, Frank.

Now, this was on her father's weekend, which is Fri - Sun; and I drop the kids off at 5:30. I didn't know what time the banquet was, as she had taken the paperwork. She knew! As we were pulling up to her Dad's, pulling. up. to. her. Dad's, she says to me, "why don't you just drop me off?"

At that point, I would gladly drop her off, alone in a field nearby....... and make sure she arrived safely to her Dad's. But NO WAY IN THE WORLD was I taking her to the banquet and just dropping her off, as she suggested. The nerve of her even asking, well, she wasn't even asking really as much as suggesing.

Anyway, as I'm just starting my way up the road from her Dad's, he calls my cell, furious with ME! ME! Because I didn't drop her off! Are you kidding me?? Because the banquet starts in, get this, five minutes!! oh yeah.

So I try to fill him in with all of the details, but he is, rightly pissed, because he has dinner ready, on the table, and has company. I suggest he not take her. Hey, I wouldn't. But that's just me, because you know what, after what she pulled, it pretty much served her right. She didn't want any of us there in the first place. She has now put everyone in an uproar, which she care less about. He decides to take her. I definitely would have made her wait until I had eaten my hot dinner at least.

On Sunday, she comes home; not with an apology mind you. Oh no, not her. Those are rare if ever. She had a lousy attitude, which she blamed on her sister. I told her to leave it at her Father's house, because I didn't want it here. I say the same to Frank when he comes home from work with it. Don't bring it home, please.

She just sits and sulks and mopes with this rotten attitude, refuses to let it go. It just festers and gets worse as the night goes on. She brings it to dinner. Christina helped me to get dinner ready, set the table, clear the table; her attitude was bright and helpful. No snotty, brattiness. If she had been bratty at her Dad's, she left it there. I told Marisa to fill the d/w and we were going to bring Lexi home. So when she was done, she wanted to go walk with her friend, I said yes.

We get home, pick up Nick and Chrissy, go to Dunky D and get some goodies. Oh, did I mention we didn't get any for Marisa. Well, I didn't THINK SHE'D WANT ANY!!!!

Naturally, she didn't get that lesson.

So this am, when she woke up late, and I still hadn't recieved the proper apology, and I won't go into detail about the hand-written bickering I DID get, I informed her that she inded must walk to school today. To which she started to sulk.

Ahem, my award please....

Guess who just WON TICKETS TO SEE HARRY CONICK JR TONIGHT??? MMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I won. I can't wait. I can't believe I'm going to see Harry live! I need to go shower! I'm freaking out. What am I going to wear? I gootta go.

It's 5:30, and I need to get ready to see Harry, but I have a migraine! Can you freaking stand it?! Go figure


Angel said...

Oh God, don't tell me these things, Drama Queen just turned 12.....

And YAY!!!!!!!! on the Harry Connick Jr. concert! I think I hate you a little though ;) I saw him years ago, he was freakin' awesome.

You definitely deserve a Mommy crown!

deborah said...

oh please anymore crowns and my migraines are going to morph into something worse, I'm just sure of it. OH NO, does this mean I'm going to miss an episode of Grey's Anat??? I think I can handle it. I can watch it afther I watch Sunday's episode of DH. All this catch-up!!

Emily said...

eeee! so did you go to the concert? were you able to take anything and 'enjoy' it?

Jackie said...

that is great! lol, I mean not your daughters additude, but how you handled it!! I love it, two rides and then you walk, I'll have to remember that one.