Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day?

Old Glory. ..... Hung at half it's mast, in honor of those who serve, have served, lost their lives; are missing still.

How many of our freedoms are taken for granted, and are being lost daily, a little at a time?

Does the sound of the horn bring you to tears? Do you even bother to go to listen?

When the guns are fired, and the fallen soldier is saluted, is your head bowed in respect? Do you understand the tears in his eyes?

Is a parade in your agenda, neighborhood, or have they become a memory of your childhood? They, I have found, are fading, and decreasing in size. As our older veterans are passing with time, our newer veterans of war, are not partaking in parades. Who do you see in the parade of Memorial Day? Look around you; it is stunning, to me, how sad it has become in our Nation. We have forgotten what freedom means.

I remember grand parades, with floats, horses, fancy cars, several school bands, and local fire departments. The side of the road, BOTH sides were packed full of patrons, eager to see the parade. It was a high-light of summer's opening. Children were lined up on the curb, waiting for the candy to be thrown from the beautifully decorated floats. Music would be playing, horns blowing from the firetrucks. Guns in the back ground would make us jump.

What has made us become so complacent? Why do we no longer care so much for the parades, the parties, our freedom to celebrate it? How incredibly sad. We do indeed need to change if desire to remain a FREE nation. What will YOU do to change that?

These last two pictures are of Cinderisa and her sidekick; we were able to ride in the firetruck after the parade yesterday. Can you see the excitement in their eyes. Look at the joy in the men, a little thing like "a ride in a firetruck" was all it took. What will it be for you? Hey, I know that won't change the world, it wasn't my point, either. Afterall, riding in a firetruck couldn't possibly keep a nation free, right? But how did we get there? What did we do to obtain a ride in a County-paid firetruck on Memorial Day with a few decorated firemen???? We weren't afraid to ask. Speak up. Ask.

One little lesson I told them both yesterday, "ask, speak up, open your mouth." I mean, if all you do is sit back and wait for everyone else to do all the work, NOTHING gets done.

And we got to ride the firetruck. oh, and they did blow the horns.

Hoping you have a pain-free day.

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