Friday, June 19, 2009

Infusion - 101

If you've have the (ha!) wonderful experience of infusion for your monster, then you, no doubt totally get this picture. My wonderful little daughter, Cinderisa painted this for me, well, of me. She is so talented. Though, she is a tad ousted, as it's not finished. whatever.

She explains that it's the poison entering my body to beat the migraine. I felt it necessary to share. I love the colors, the facial expression, all of it. She really captures the feeling of pain quite well, don't you agree?

The past few nights have awaken me with the most incredible aura again. So vivid and racing; screaming and colorful. In a very sick sense. Thankfully, I haven't experienced the monster with it. Yet. Though I do know it is only a matter of time before HE graces me with His utter presence. And I will be perhaps, hooked up like the painting. Dripping with it's poison through me, as it tries to alleviate the pain of the monster within.

But for now, I am well, HA HA!!! Stay away I say! Stay far FAR away. Please just a few more days, plans plans plans, have we.

Wishing my Migraine friends a pain-free weekend.


Diana Lee said...

That is so cool! Your daughter is so talented.


Migraine Chick said...

Your daughter is an amazing artist!

smartchic said...

i also love the color and facial expression of the picture. your daughter is quite talented.

Princessa Con Problemas said...

How old is your daughter? This is so insightful.