Friday, May 08, 2009

If you've never heard the mating call of a fox at 4:30 in the morning, startling you from the slumber of your hard-to-find sleep, you just don't know what you're missing. It has a sort of hoarse sound of a woman screaming, if you can understand that. It's very creepy. And when you're asleep, startled, and hear it, you really think it is a woman screaming.

This fox, well, not this exact fox - lives in the little bit of woods that runs along the back of our property, that aligns the property along the neighborhood behind us. Every few weeks, it calls out in the middle of the night, for hours, screaming and screaching for a mate. Apparently, no mate has been found.

Poor, sad, lonely little loud-mouth fox. I heard him, and I'm sure it was a him, why afterall would a her yell in the middle of the night for a him?? HA! I heard him through my earplugs. He yelled his red fluffy head off for over an hour or more. She never does come to the den for him, or maybe she does, and then she runs away and that's why he start screaming again.

Yesterday, and Tuesday I was suffering with the monster. I aborted, to no avail, was awaken with aura, the typical screaming in the ears, fuzzy wuzzy feeling that seems to come with it and a full schedule, to which was shortened from the monster. Today, the buzzing in my head and the monster are taking over; and yet the sun shining in my window is making me want to, no think of doing something other than rest. But I know I can't do it for now. I should just jab myself and make it go away.

Don't you just love the pic! Cinderisa did this in art class, pretty good indication of our migraine on abortive. OR, the poison leaving the brain. She does good migraine art for a kid who hasn't had a migraine, but must endure watching her Mom suffer.

Ok, time to abort the monster and get out in this positively beautiful day the Lord has given me. For all you Mom's out there, I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day, and a pain-free on at that.


Megan Oltman said...

I think I've heard that scream! We have some foxes around here too, and live just at the edge of a wild park. I love Cinderella's drawing. My son has done some Migraine sculptures for me - he doesn't have the monster either, but understands all too well. I need to photograph them and post them, though I'm not sure I can do them justice in all their 3D glory.

I hope your head is much better. Happy Mom's Day!

Abbey said...

I haven't heard a wolf's mating call, but I can just imagine how it induces migraines at weird hours. Anyway, I keep a box of cheap soma near the bed to combat the migraine before it gets even worse.