Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well Color Me AURA!!!!

You know it's going to be one of those days when you wake up to pretty jumping, flashing fireflies; happily bouncing around my eyelids. Do I want them there?? NOT! I know why they're there - pure unadulterated torture. And that is pretty much what I got. ooooh, and the spinners that I used to get, hey, they came back. And I thought it was a break from my former med friend. Dummy!

Yeah, and did I mention the grad ceremony. I was plannng on attending the entire service; afterall, my niece,and my best girlfriend's daughter, whom I've known since, uh PRETTY MUCH CONCEPTION, and a few other grads were present. Hey, this is a time of celebration folks. A milestone, not to be taken for granted, nor lightly. I was excited for Amy; and she wanted us there for her, and we were. Until the airhorns started to go off. The screaming. The flashing little hand-held lightbars, muted, and yet drowning sounds of an auditorium can make to a migraneur - I was finally defeated. I did see Amy walk across the stage, I didn't see Nicole. I couldn't take the beast any longer. And so I stumbled out, holding my head; so was the ever-present vice, tighter and tighter and TIGHTER. Can I just say I have plans this weekend, too???!!! Got home, 2 Toradol, a Skelaxin - let's face it, that nerve block, still feeling some muscle pain around the spinal column - but after about an hour, I was actually feeling a bit better - down to a manageable 4.

And this morning the pretty fireflies greeted me again! Good morning fireflies! Hello beast to come, I'll try my best to defeat; afterall Dr. John is in town, and you made me miss him last time he was here. I didn't get to see my wonderful DMB because of you. There are a lot of things I miss because of the beast; tonight, today actually - I have Amy's party, and my little lady, Alexa is going to be with us. She would have graduated with Amy, except for a little thing called - oh yeah - mental retardation - she is a trip!!!! She will be so happy to see Amy, and Amy loves Lexi. They grew up together. Amy is going to study Early Child Ed, hmmm, yes, Lexi has a lot to do with that.(note to self, post pics of Amy and Lexi)

Sooooo, today's defeat is like this; grad party for Miss Amy, followed by Jazz fest with a cool playing Dr. John and fireworks. How does that sound to end the evening for a migraneur??? I'll be sure to let you know!!

I'm still trying to figure out how to get my sidebar to work!!

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