Thursday, June 22, 2006

Under My Pillow and Screaming

Yesterday I had a nerve block. Today, I am feeling the after effects of that block, at point zero, cervical interlaminar - OUCH!! Took a Skelaxin this morning, hoping to wipe out the spasms in my surrounding muscles, applied ice, several times since yesterday, to no avail and have had one constant monster trying desperately to claw it's way out of my skull! Do I think the block is going to work?? So far, NO! But it has only been a mere 24 or so hours.

I had to move from my former Typepad site because of some strange problems, not going to go there, but I found myself here. I'm hoping to land here for a long time! I don't particularly like change, especially when I'm feeling the beast in my fu@#ing eye, ears, skull, neck and pretty much everywhere inside my damn skull right about now; so I really hope I can stay at this blogsite. I also hope I can figure out how to use it!

On a good note, my wonderful hubby bought me a car! My dream car. Now brace yourselves, it's not all that (to some), but to me, it's my dream car. We had one before and he traded it in for a new MINIVAN, and well, I never let him live that down. Now the minivan is wonderful, especially with our brood, we need it, we live up to it, we beat it. But hey, a girl needs certain princess items - and since I am the "queen bee" as he calls me, I deserve a "coach". So he bought me a 2002 300M, not the new "pimped-out" to death 300C, but the M, that for some stupid reason, they decided to stop making. WHY, who knows! But this is gorgeous, complete with sun/moon (sorry I don't know the damn difference) roof, and why do I care, I have one!!!!!! And it works, my hair stays in place, and I look GOOD! I can play my DMB in style, in my heated leather seats when I need them to be, course, right now, no reason for tht. What a wonderful smell that leather has - mmmmmmmm. Even when I'm having a migraine, it smells good. I will definitely put the pic up when I get one. I had to get it to the ins co for one today, and they actually had a POLAROID camera!! Can you stand it??? Well, the pic was pretty bad, no wonder she gave me so many; I'm still waiting for them to finish developing.

So this is me, out from under my pillow today, for just a short while. Going back for more Zofran and Toradol. Hoping all pain-free days

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