Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still Deckin My Halls, Walls, even My Van

But first, my pretty buffet. I changed the paper behind my pears today. This is actually the paper I chose in October to start my wrapping. I love how it pops off the deep wine colored walls. They always come out looking Barney purple on camera. Go figure. OOh ooh, the white frilley tree I did today with Mod Podge and mulberry paper today. such the crafter. I know! Although, I'm thinking seriously of getting white feathers instead. I have a taller one, too. hmmm AND a turqoise and brown feather boa I'm just dying to rip into.

Wall stickers. LOVE THEM! Stink! I should have taken a pic of the little reindeer under the curtains! Just imagine them continuing their cute little selves going up, up up, over my window, and under the curtains. So cute. I have them EVERYWHERE!! And yes, they are ON my minivan. (no, not the reindeer, silly - stickers!)

This is my little collection of Santas. I inherited them from Millie, my neighbor that I also inherited the beautiful bulb collection from. They are so beautiful. Yes, I realize my very 80's fireplace door must go; but hey, it's a work in progress. Summer is coming and I love spray paint. Trust me, it's going to get done! Unless, of course, I can get a great big donation for that insert, because hey, that would be just lovely!

I must warn you, it's quite large!
But a girl has to hope right! Anyhoo, my nativity and pretty angel. Yes, Virginia, I made my own "hope" blocks.

Onto another work in progress; ugh, the kitchen, note the peeled wallpaper! Isn't that attractive!! Do you like the cottage cheese ceiling? Are you jealous? I know you are! But really, you should see how beautiful my garland is at night; it is absolutely gorgeous! But my how that bright white cheesey ceiling just steals the show huh! ugh!

That is what I have this week, next week, and really I will show more next week, even though last time I said that and didn't show up until THIS week; well, whatever. I really REALLY mean it this time. I will show my bird tree; YEAH still looking for new birds, I guess EVERY freaking BODY bought birds this year. Oh, and my FONTINA! My OTHER , no my ONLY Mantel, because the other fireplace isn't a Mantel really more of a landing. So, come on back next week. I will so try to take a pic of my silly van stickers, too. I suppose!

Thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas

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Shannon said...

Love those wall stickers! There are so many uses for them.