Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Storm Coming

Isis loves to visit Nonno and cuddle with him, wash his face and pretty much nap her day away. Which is great for Nonno, as he naps away his day. He hasn't been feeling so good lately.

My happy girl, Isis and me. She smiles because she is such a happy thing. I was not the person who had her little ears chopped off. She is still a beautiful little girl.

Fatboy. This has become his favorite chair. Isis loves to mount him, and he basically just stays there and takes it - he is a sweet fat cat. Unlike Miss Nala, who hates both dogs and Bosco; Frank threatens to throw her against a wall by the tail. Not that he would ever do that for real. He just likes to get me going.

THIS is pretty much all we have been getting here. We have yet more of this garbagey cold front on it's way, WITH large large LARGE amounts of snow to accumulate in the next 24 hours. again. Upwards of 10 to 14 inches of the wonderful white stuff. Yesterday, they guestimated 6 to 10 inches.

I have been unable to take pictures of it as it's been falling because, well who really wants to stand outside when your eyeballs freeze to your lids in the cold that we get? Not me!! I prefer to hibernate, thank you. We rarely get above the teens on a good day. Naturally,(the bear in me coming out) I just bundle from two to three layers, and go from house to garage, to van, then to wherever it is I need to go. Poor Frank, graciously has given in to parking in the driveway where he is oblivious to the cold. Or just doesn't make as much of a fuss as me.

"I HATE WINTER!" This has been a daily saying for me, and I do state this on an hourly basis. To anyone who will listen, or is standing nearby. I'm finding that most people here in the Northeast agree. very much.

Now this is where the funny part is; each time I take my in-laws out for an appointment, we have a storm. Every single time. We are becoming pretty used to it, and just laugh it off. Even better, I really don't mind driving in it, that doesn't bother me. I just hate being cold. I can't stand that it is constantly cold outside; and I'm talking cold in the teens here. Bitter cold.

Tomorrow, we have another appointment. Another storm. I hate winter! I am so looking forward to the warm weather. and the birds chirping. I hope you are all well!


Migraine Chick said...

Winter is really getting on my nerves, too. Will we ever see the birds chirping in the warm weather??

Yes, My Name Is Really Brooklynn said...

This really is not helping my contemplation to move with my job to OKC. I really like the sun and not so fond of the snow.