Friday, April 23, 2010

Thankful Me

Much as I'd like to believe this to be true, with his age, I'm finding it to be, well, BULL! Tomorrow our Rocco turns 7, let's just say he is really fortunate lately to have any day to celebrate. He is one bad dog.

Today we had an early appointment with my neuro, a much-needed appointment I might add. We had been running a little late, so rather than go through the "doggie schedule" of feeding and letting them out, and yes, they are equally OCD in nature as their masters, we left them in the dust and out of their minds with hunger. What would they do? How could they survive?

Alas, once the door behind the Beloved had slammed, the Bulldog in control knew exactly what to do.....


.It was as if it was calling out to him. Of course! The Beloved had PIZZA last night! He smelled it, he hadn't forgotten it, oh no. It was still there, but where??? THERE IT IS! On the stove top. Up he jumps, without knowing, turned the knobs to 'HIGH' and set the boxes to the previous pizza on fire. And that's not all, oh no, he also lit ablaze the oven mitts, pot holders and various little .. . . . . .

please excuse this interruption. . . . This dog, the guilty face you see here, yes, this one is responsible, completely without even knowing, of starting a small kitchen fire. in my house. while I wasn't home today. idiot. Thankfully, it was contained in the stove area. Thankfully, my house didn't sustain any real damage. Thankfully, my dogs weren't hurt. I can't even imagine what they went through while it happened.

When we came to the door, the alarms were going off and smoke just billowed out the door as soon as Frank opened it. Rocco was sneezing and the house was just full of smoke. (you can only imagine the smell now) oh, and I might add, I've been in full blown storm for pushing 3 weeks now. lovely.

The fire must have JUST gone out because we could still hear crackling, which immediately had me call 911. Oh the firetrucks and police and the drama! So much fun when I was already a hmm, 6 of 10. Frank wanted to kill Rocco, I just wanted to hug the big dummy. He basically hit the deck from, no doubt, smoke inhalation as soon as I let him outside. I started to cry just from the pure intensity of the situation. So much more could have happened, yet didn't. Thank you, Lord for that. I cannot get away from the smell of the smoke. It is overwhelming.

Tonight, my sweet and wonderful MIL came over with dinner, and attempted to clean the stove for me. What a mess! Yes, Frank, I believe we actually may need to make a claim with the insurance company. It is melted into the countertop, which is burned to a crisp, literally. Then there is the constant chirping of the smoke alarm that I cannot locate. Every 40 seconds I hear a "chirp" but cannot decipher which one is making the sound. It is sure to drive us out of our minds .




WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

From a very large fire I weathered as a manager of a large office, cleaning surfaces inside and out with "pet odor remover" rug shampooer additive sometimes removes the smokey odor. So glad you are all OK. I am sure your puppy is verrry sorry!!

Emily said...

Ack! I'm glad everyone is ok! But that is really insane - the smokey smell must be hurting your head something fierce. Hope the smell dies down soon!

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Oh my goodness! What a story! So thankful no one was hurt. I love pizza so I can't blame Rocco for wanting a slice :)

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