Tuesday, August 25, 2009

oh, how they grow

What a beautiful bride was she. It still chokes me up to think she is a married woman. I have known this young lady since the was a beautiful newborn baby. She and Lexi were always so cute together. I remember watching her little milestones; sitting, crawling, her first steps. Though my little Lexi would take much longer to reach them, it was always with joy that I watched Amy make hers. No jealousy or envy, but joy to see a child walk with so much enthusiasm. If memory serves, I believe she was running almost as soon as she walked. She was so cute.

Ugh, and now she is all grown up. My how the time flies. Seriously, where do 21 years go, and why do we not just treasure every second of them?? I was looking at her on Friday, all grown and so beautiful; and this time, just for a moment, I thought of Lexi. What would she be like, if not.....well, oh how do I put it???? Mentally retarded? Would she marry at 21? Would she have gone to college and found her sweetheart there? No sadness here, just wondering. But she is Lexi, and I love her exactly the way she is. She is so fortunate to not endure the worries of daily life and stress like we do.

I have pics of these two, Marisa now 17 and Michael the same age, running around at age 3 in the nude. Pics of them at just days old in a playpen together. Of course, Marisa was screaming her head off. They are only 5 birth days apart in age. Oh, he is Amy's brother. (Amy and Lexi are only 3 weeks apart). We were always together, the kids playing together, fighting with each other, thinking they were cousins for years.

Look how nice they all looked. They are growing up too fast. Michael and Cinderisa are now entering their senior year; Chrisarella in her freshman year, and the boy is in third. Funny thing, Lexi and Cinderisa will both be graduating this year. My babies are growing up.

Philip is getting married. He is in love and she is just wonderful! It's so funny to see his demeanor change when he talks to her or about her - he's all goofy and mushy. He's so cute.

Why must they grow up so fast??? It can't be possible that I have a 21 year old!!! ugh

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Chari said...

Hi Deborah...

Ohhh my..."why must they grow up so fast?"...is a question that I have asked over and over! I have three precious grown daughters who are married with families of their own. They have given me ten precious grandchildren and I find myself asking this same question once again! It's bittersweet, isn't it? We enjoy seeing them grow and yet at the same time wish that we could just stop the hands of time! Hmmm...very thought provoking post, my friend!

I just wanted to stop by to say thank you for coming and visiting my "Celebration Giveaway"...and thank you for your sweet note full of well wishes!!! I really do appreciate that!

Warmest wishes,
PS...wishing you the best in my book giveaway, my friend!