Monday, June 29, 2009

Blooming all Around

I just love the colors in my front gardens. The constant rain and low temperatures are keeping everything lush and vibrant. As for the gardens out back, it has been a work in progress to keep the dogs out. We also put a raised veggie garden in. I'll post that another day.

Now onto my great finds of the weekend:

How adorable is this little frog and bird?? The frog reminds me of the Frog and Toad book character. 50cents for both. The little key holder - 25cents.

The ugly butterflies are plastic, I can't wait to paint them!!! $1. These are going to be on the front of my house, I think; with the look of very aged rust. Yes, I think that would look lovely. Or maybe a blue? No no, that will just not do. Oh, I almost forgot the bundle of paint brushes I found for $1. Too late to post.

My favorite find is this: $2 chair, I can't wait to paint this one, maybe a deep aqua.

oh and a refrigerator dish for 75 cents - LOVE IT


Friday, June 19, 2009

Infusion - 101

If you've have the (ha!) wonderful experience of infusion for your monster, then you, no doubt totally get this picture. My wonderful little daughter, Cinderisa painted this for me, well, of me. She is so talented. Though, she is a tad ousted, as it's not finished. whatever.

She explains that it's the poison entering my body to beat the migraine. I felt it necessary to share. I love the colors, the facial expression, all of it. She really captures the feeling of pain quite well, don't you agree?

The past few nights have awaken me with the most incredible aura again. So vivid and racing; screaming and colorful. In a very sick sense. Thankfully, I haven't experienced the monster with it. Yet. Though I do know it is only a matter of time before HE graces me with His utter presence. And I will be perhaps, hooked up like the painting. Dripping with it's poison through me, as it tries to alleviate the pain of the monster within.

But for now, I am well, HA HA!!! Stay away I say! Stay far FAR away. Please just a few more days, plans plans plans, have we.

Wishing my Migraine friends a pain-free weekend.