Monday, June 28, 2010

The Graduate

On Friday, June 25th, Marisa a/k/a Cinderisa graduated high school. She left two days later for her internship with Southwestern Book Co. I have been so blessed with such amazing children. Though my heart is just broken over her leaving for the summer, I know, without a doubt, this is going to be an awesome experience for her.
My Dad and Marisa on graduation day; and Marisa with Aunt Dee, my sister. It seems like yesterday when we were my kids' ages and graduating. The time just flies - so so very fast when you have children.

Christina will be graduating in three years, so I have a little time left with her. I love this pic with my beautiful girls.

In her cap and gown and on our way to the War Memorial. I cherished every single moment of the ceremony. Cried through most of it. My kids are constantly looking at me, and wondering why I can't stop. They are just growing up before my eyes.

Marisa was a part of the Commencement Band, so we had an excellent view of her the whole time. She looked sad, nervous and stressed; but she was also having fun with her friends in the pit.

My Mom and Dad were so proud of her - they couldn't stop smiling. Neither could I, well, when I wasn't sobbing and tearing up.

And then came Sunday. 4am. The wake up call. Time to say, "good-bye." The hardest part of parenting, I'm finding, is "good-bye." Now I know she'll be back in mid-September, but watching her board that plane; watching it taxi the runway.........

that was the absolute hardest thing I've had to do as a parent. I know she will do well, very well; she has a strong and good head on her shoulders. I keep asking her sis if she misses her yet; but she says "not yet" - it's only a matter of time. She did say it was going to be a boring summer. She looks very sad. I'm praying the summer flies by.

Hang onto those children. Love them in every waking moment. Hold them, hug them and let them know, without a doubt that you love them. Before you know it, they are ready to leave the nest; and YOU are not ready to let them go.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Senior Ball, the Growing up stage

My big girl had her Senior Ball last week. My how she is just growing up, so beautiful and wonderful. It doesn't seem possible that she is just moments away from leaving the nest. And I do mean moments. She will be leaving us just two short days after graduation for her summer internship with Southwestern Book Co. and working for the summer.
Prayerfully, she will leave for the Air Force after her internship. It's going to be so strange without her over the summer. I'm missing her in my thoughts already, and cry everytime I think of her leaving.

She and her friends looked so colorful and bright. All dressed up like princesses. They were so excited and silly.
Wow, she really shrinks me here. Well, she did have three-inch heels on. I guess I forgot to get my glam on for the pic.

Oh, I almost forgot; as proms go, our school district really does it up! Well, not so much when I was in school, but they've come a long way. They have prizes and give-aways, gift cards, stuff like that. But, there is this amazing car dealer who has been donating cars to Seniors in the area and well.....

I know, I can't believe it either - Cinderisa won the grand prize this year.
She called at me at 3am from the "after party" - heavily supervised at the school, to tell me that she won the car. I, naturally, didn't believe her. I mean who wins cars??? Well, apparently, she does. Today, I was able to pick it up and surprise her with it at school. Had to decorate of course.

Why is it that it seems like yesterday I was graduating and moving on? Time flies so fast. Thankfully, I still have Chrisarella and the Little Man at home for a few more years.