Saturday, December 13, 2008

Queen of the Dog Park

And now she has the shirt to prove it!! With sparkles. It's official, I've completely lost it for this pup. She is just adorable in her new little t-shirt. I love the dollar bin so much at Target! So much in fact, that I bought.....

this little coat for her, too.Yes, she did need it. Everytime I took her to the door, she started to shiver. She is afterall, a baby still. With very short hair and a bare belly. She is so stinking cute.

They don't make things in his size. Trust me on that. Even collars are hard to buy for the big guy. He was trying to undress her when I put the shirt on her. (I think he was jealous, he was looking in the bag for one for himself) but like I said, he's too big.

They play so cute together. Yep, they're in love.

Unless there is a bone or snack between them, then of course the beast, Rockhead, is in charge.

Oh and she watches the TV. in complete amazement or for joy, not sure yet., but she watches.

I am finished with my shopping. Completely and totally finished now for my kids. They are now done. They will get nothing else. nothing I say. nothing. Frank on the other hand, he is definitely entitled to more! Much, much more. Even if he says he wants nothing. To that, I say, "whatever!" just open your gift. He is a good man. I am very lucky.

And he just walked in from work at 10:20pm. So good night.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa, Baby

We took Nicholas to see the big cheese this week; and since he's eight years old, I'm thinking this may be the last year he chooses to visit him.

Note the list in Santa's hand, generously provided by my boy. Making sure he doesn't forget once he's left the mall. Smart boy. He had an awful lot of electronics on that list. PSP, DSLite, Wii, he must think Santa is just loaded. What a little nut job. Oh, I almost forgot, he did ask for a Trans-Syberian Orchestra CD. Now you don't get too many kids his age asking for that.

This pup thinks I am her Mommy. During the day, she sleeps in my lap when I am sitting. She follows me where I go. At night it's pretty much more of the same. She prefers me over well, anyone in the house. She will, on occassion, lay with the Rockhead, but not too much. I would prefer it if she would, you know, her being a dog and all. How do you not fall in love with something so adorable and sweet? Too late.
I am going to get this short-haired little girl something warm tomorrow.... she is just too cold. We had a snow storm today. When I bring her to the door to go out, she starts to shiver. It's just pitiful. I never understood before now, why people would dress their pets; but she is cold. I must make sure she is warm. That is all there is to it.
I am officially finished shopping for my children. I have only to shop for Frankie. Oh, and my parents, Philip, food. Then I will be done for the Christmas shopping. Still needing to do some baking.
Yesterday I had another cryoanalgesia procedure done, and other than being completely exhausted, I feel pretty good. Not so yesterday, but that was expected. I'm hoping it will keep the monster that was coming to life, at bay for the next three months. Or at least at a calm level.
For now, I need to get my kids ready for their Dad's. I hope they have a nice weekend. I plan to rest.
Wishing you pain-free days

Monday, December 08, 2008

Sensory OVeRlOaD

Let me just start with Saturday. I was startled awake at 4:30am by the monster, who grabbed the right side of my head like a mad dog and shook and tried desperately to drag it off my shoulders. Unsucessfully. Then the ice picks landed deep inside behind my eye. I knew it wasn't going well.

I had a party to attend with Nicholas. at Build-a-Bear. at the mall. later in the day. ugh.

But before that, it was drumline practice; because what migraine Mom doesn't want to hear the sound of banging drums and cymbals before the day is out???? In preparation for a winter parade. Yes, a freezing cold, and blowing zero wind-chill factor parade. I actually do enjoy drumline, I just hate migraine; the two do NOT mix well. Sort of like oil and water. So while my girls were practicing "Jingle Bells" with their percussion instruments and the rest of the band, I was covering my ears and trying to play along. "Oh what fun it is to ride.......with a migraine in your head -- HEY!"

From there it was off to the Dollar Store, which in itself is a disorganized nightmare in the neuro making for me anyway. The chaos of unorganization of the place is just too surreal for me to deal with on a good day; but to be there on a day like Saturday, too much for me to deal with. We were only there for Santa hats - they needed them for the parade. Santa hats turned into cute Santa outfits and antlers for the dogs, and toys and oh,"Mom can I have this...........?"

"Enough, let's just get the hats and get out of here NOW!" I shot out.

Oh so conveniently located, directly next door was the puppy mill, major pet store not to be named here. Oh, yes we HAD to go in. They had THE cutest little pink houndstooth jacket with white faux fur I ever saw for little new puppy. at the insane price of $30. As if! I did pick it up and put it back probably oh 3 or 4 times. Showed it to another lady, who also loved it. I'm crazy that way. Talking to people I don't know and telling my kids not to. Oh where was I going with this????? oh I remember, the overload! colors and sounds in this store - wow, they have too much! Aaaaah, but it's organized, spilling over perhaps, but in it's place. Color coordinated leashes and collars, bed pillows for puppies, kitties, dogs; chew toys, biscuits swings for birdies fishies hamsters gerbils boxers bulldogs pinschers brushes crates cookies crickets snakes STROLLERS would you dare buy one????? for a freaking DOG!!!

(look, dog inside)

My mind was just screaming things out as I looked around. My crazy migraine mind doesn't just process as my eyes scan. Oh no no no ! that would be so nice and relaxing and easy peasy. Mine must yell to me things that are there, and tell me what is going on; "dog pee in kennel 2, boxer did a poo-poo, old lady with cheap perfume and way too much, that little girl didn't use shampoo in a few days; look out for that man, he doesn't use pit stick. oh and that teen boy, he is just coming into PUBERTY, watch out for the bean and bacon scent on him, ooooh, dog food with too much gravy and beefy too. can you smell those mice? yuk? ew ew ew birdy poo-look out! fish water fish water fish water!

I was gagging and running for the door; by the time my feet reached the sidewalk, I was deep-breathing - pulling in as much fresh air as I could get. I could hardly wait to get to 5 pm, for the mall.

perfume Pictures, Images and Photos oh goody

It amazes me how much the scent of poison, I mean perfume is worn and sprayed, and spewed about at the mall, in department stores and on people in general. I held my scarf around my nose as I walked the mall, wishing I could break my boys heart and just go home. I thought it was just me, but Christina was with me, and she, too was shocked by the inensity of it. We couldn't ecape it. anywhere.

noise Pictures, Images and Photos
Normally, this would have been a great time for me to do some extra shopping, and for the two of us to have some fun; but it was just too much. And for what is an "economic crisis" we are in, the mall was so crowded, every store, aisle, hallway, no matter where we turned, we bumped into or stepped onto someone because of the over-crowding. I just wanted OUT!!
migraine Pictures, Images and Photos My brain was screaming! My body was jumping and bursting with the most insane energy. I knew I had had enough. I wondered how I would be able to drive my kids home. I could barely think clearly; as now while writing this. I know my days are numbered until infusion.

I ended up leaving with him before the cake was served, barely getting through the crowd; and mostly just pushing my way through people, rudely that wouldn't move fast enough. Scarf covering my nose, hand on my stomach, hoping not to puke everywhere. Running, hoping they could keep up with me, and that I wouldn't lose them. Looking back for them, and looking ahead at the same time.

"Come ON! Hurry, I need to get out of here!" I said, frantically.

Deeply sucking in the fresh, cold air again as I reached the sidewalk - breathe, breathe, breathe!! homehomehomehomehome.

Sunday, oh Sunday. Another crappy and cold migraine day. What IS it with this weather changing rapidly like it is? I mean, the winter is one thing; the intensity of frigid arctic cold front blowing in, that is something I'm not liking so much. Not to mention the snow coming down with it, rather blowing sideways with it. I hate the cold.

I ended up driving in the parade in the event any of the kids fell out from the weather. Amazingly, they all marched in it, kids are soooo resilient that way. As for me, I'm ready for a long winters nap. Considering it's only 12 degrees outside, that is NOT a typo, it's a great night for a fire! I think I'll start one right now!

Wishing you and yours a pain-free evening

Friday, December 05, 2008

decked the halls

I don't know about you, but for the past two weeks, I have been decking my halls, walls, tables and windows. I got some new stuff this year; got rid of, well not rid of, but just updated my color scheme for Christmas. And I am very happy with it. I think I am finally finished. No. I AM finally most definitely finished.

I think I may even leave my wreath up through the winter after my tree comes down and my snowmen come out. I like it.

Oh, day two of my new drapes and so far, Frank hasn't noticed them. It's not like they are a slight change, I mean look at the size of the window.
This was the former set. yeah, bold, like ribbon candy, in a way. I'm looking to sell them. I have 6 panels in 84 length.


a pretty little Santa sleigh with more baubles and stuff.

I'm having more fun looking at other blogs and pretty decorations. I wish I could take better pics, especially of my tree; it's very hard to get the right setting. I have so many lovely birds that I have been collecting the past couple of years. I found the most beautiful angel at Micheals with all the right colors for only $12. I'll try to get my diningroom tomorrow. Maybe Frank will see the drapes tonight. HA

Need to get my dinner ready. fish. yumm.
Have a wonderful and painfree weekend.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

And They Call it Puppy Love

He brought her home. A girl. And instantly, we all fell head-over-heels, in love with her. How could we not? She is, afterall, sweet, adorable, mild-tempered. She has the most beautiful blue-green eyes. Her name is Isis.

Isn't she beautiful! I know, I know, he had her ears cut off, but other than that, she is so stinking cute. And she is so sweet. I just hate the puppy-training-stage. The poop, the chewing, the poop. She's not doing so bad really. Let's just say, it's a good thing she's cute.

This big guy, has had his nose a little, uh, cranked. He was just as nuts as the kids the first day. He's over it. Dogs do have issues with jealousy. He has it bad. But he does like her, and yet he lets her know her place.

I have been down for a few days with a nasty monster - probably from over-doing it a bit over the weekend. When I feel better, I will be posting the pics of my decorations. I just HAD to get these up to show you how positively adorable she really is.

Now, back to the resting place.


These are a few things I've been working on while I've been off neglecting my blog. It's not that I've been bored; oh no, never that! HA, imagine a day with some time to be bored........... sorry, can't.

That's ok, because at least I haven't been under the covers with a migraine. I have actually had some pretty good days lately. (I know, I know, I shouldn't say anything) HOWEVER; as I look over the last three years, I'm doing great, compared. Oh, They still come, but I'm able to live through them.

And I've been using my creative side to keep busy. With all of the left-over wood pieces we have here, and the one's from the kid's Dads house, I have been able to make some really neat and interesting things for my house, as well as gifts for my family. I love me some junk.

I remember being told when my girls were little, "wait until they're teens," and didn't really know what that meant, in it's fullest. Thankfully for me, my girls are great; they are respectful, don't get into trouble, are good in school - they are great kids. What that statement meant was that I was going to be in for the RUN of my life. The daily, non-stop and forever running to and fro from day til night - RUN. They wear me out. literally. From one place to the next. If it's not that, it's the grocery store, every other day. I just run, and run and run. well, I'm driving but you get it.

On Migraines: If you are like me, and have been taking anti-seizure medication, and have been for some time; it's time to have your Vitamin D levels checked. You may have become somewhat deficient to Vitamin D by now. And with the weather turning, well, dark and gray, the lack of sun isn't going to help. Please get your levels checked, get your supplements. Here and Here are excellent articles to read on the subject. You may be at risk for more than you think; like cardiovascular disease (no shocker there), malignancy, cerebrovascular disease and fibromyalgia. Hey why not, right. A little something more to add to the mix. fun, fun, fun!j (UPDATE: I have fixed the highlighted sites; here's hoping they work for you now)

I had my levels tested just two weeks ago for an unrelated test and found I am indeed deficient. I was told to take upwards of 3000 iu per day of Vitamin D3. now. I will be rechecked in four months. There is always something, isn't there.

But wait -

Oh, look, despite my being neglectful here I was given this Lemonade Award by MJ at Rhymes With Migraine. The Lemonade Award is given to blogs demonstrating an attitude of gratitude. Although I find it awkward being on the receiving end, especially when I'm not appearing as creative in my writing, I am very thankful for it. Thank you, MJ.

Now it's my turn to honor more writers who demonstrate an attitude of gratitude. I think you'll agree!

1. Migraine Chick

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4. Migraine Community

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6. The Decorated House

7. The Sassy Lime

8. Much to My Sjogren

Oh and by the way, I am so very spoiled. This is my new Mom van. I was pretty uninterested in getting a new van at first. I even test-drove one, and didn't like it, didn't want it. BUT, I actually love it. It does have an awful lot of gadgets to get used to. I still do NOT like where they moved the shifter to.


I am, although, enjoying the Satelite radio and the MyGig system. The kids of course, are thrilled with the idea of video. My MIL said they will be coming out with toilets next. I'm afraid she may be right.

Look, two glove boxes. Crazy! I am thrilled we no longer have three red vehicles in the driveway. We were known as "the house with the red cars."

It is truly amazing what they think of to put into a vehicle. The first gadget I disengaged was the rear back-up camera. Why, I ask, would you need such a device on a minivan? A camper, yes. But I didn't need one on my previous vehicle, and I don't see the need now. I will continue to use my eyes, and my mirrors. But thank you, Dodge. Clever.

I needed to make it clear to the kids that it is not a theater on wheels; that we will not be playing movies every. time. we. get. in. PULEEEZ. I guess they are just as excited as me. My favorite is the pedal extender. Oh the little things that excite me. I was totally thrilled with that. AND!!! The seat goes higher than my other van. WAAAAY higher. I love LOVE my new van; more than I thought I would. Yes, I'm spoiled. terribly terribly spoiled.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for; our Philip will be home with a fellow Marine brother. oh, and a stupid puppy for me to raise and train. lovely.

My children are healthy and happy.

My husband has a job that he loves.

Our Lord provides for us.

Wishing and praying you all pain-free days.

gobble gobble

Friday, November 07, 2008

I know, the fence needs some painting. Any takers? Because, it's just too big for me. Would you just look at that sky! Can God paint or what!
So these guys were out raking up the leaves into this huge pile and I had to get their pics. We do love the fall here in the Northeast. The colors are absolutlely spectacular. The smells, ugh, simply like nowhere else. To smell a fire crackling at night or the cinnamon and apples baking, mmmmm. Now that is what fall is. Oranges, yellows and reds against the brilliant blue sky.
The leaves are near totally gone on most of the trees; that is something I just hate to see. The emptiness of the trees. Well, you can see the squirrel's nests up there. But it's so bare and cold. The winters here are so long, so cold. So wet and painful.
Lastnight I had dreams of new aura; they looked like the little round peppermint candies you get at nice restaurants. But these were black and white. Naturally they were spinning in their spinning ways, in different direction, opposite each other - faster and faster they would go. In a zig-zagged pattern. As they would speed up, they would start to make a sound of zipping from my left to right ear, and then left again. I hate these little aura peppermint candy zippy things.
For the last, hmmm, oh 3 maybe 4 weeks now, I have had a non-stop brain-beating migraine. I already exhausted my abortive. Twice. I have been to another doctor for hemorraging in a not so pleasant area. And I can't seem to stay awake for more than just a few hours a day. I. feel. like. garbage. tired garbage. again. oh how I cannot stand feeling like this anymore. I am fighting a nap right now. and I really don't know why. silly. ok, take a nap. again with the stupid nap.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Neverending Story

But first, a little bit of the better part of my life that has been happening. First of all, I have a twenty-year old child. It just feels and sounds weird to say it, but I do.

See, Lexi is now a sweet, and happy twenty! So hard to believe. We celebrated her and Grandma's birthdays together last month; which was only a few weeks ago, but I've been out of sorts. Anyway, I only have the pics from my camera so far.

She doesn't like to be the center of attention, so she was mostly throwing the gifts to the ground; oh, and this was her second party of the day, she still had another party to go to. (and it was 7pm) She was pretty tired.

Of course, I ended up finding this awesome desk at a garage sale, for $30, and got it for $20. A bargain. I actually love it the way it is. And ist's perfect in my living room. I needed my own space here for my laptop and for my, you know, doing things. By the way, I ditched the kitchen chair.

Another project. Before.

and after. I haven't done the other yet, I need to get more fringe for the shade. It was too short; it's beaded. perfect, but short.

Last Sunday we had Thanksgiving for our Philip - as he came home from Afghanistan and will not be home on Thanksgiving. These two little goof balls did, well, the de-gutting of their pumpkins. They are just too cute.

Why we didn't get after pictures? Because I left the picture-taking up to my girls. Nick's pumpkin is outside, and I suppose I could go out and get a pic, butttttt.......

This is the beautiful, frosty view we are fortunate to have out our front window. It is a gorgeous view. It's a West-facing window, over-looking a park. It's perfect in the winter when a storm is coming in as well. And in the evening when the sun is setting on a warm evening and the sky is a beautiful hue of pink, very nice. But this picture I just had to take. It really gives a true glimpse of Fall here in the Northeast. Cool, crisp and vibrant in color. I just hate when the leaves are totally vanished. Wshen there is no color left in the trees. You can really feel the cold then.

Does this look cold? This is migraine cold. It's something I'm tired of feeling. Of seeing. The ever-present me I hate. The part I never seem to get used to. You'd think I would have that part down by now. Denial is so so simple. Especially on good days. They are far and few between; and yet they feel like lifetimes of wonder. And I must accomplish so much on them.
Paint, and create. Clean, cook. Be the housewife, the mother, chef, shopper. woman. Those are the days I can open the windows, at least the curtains. And drive. shower. brush my teeth. get off the couch. prepare a meal.
Movement of any kind, at all, for the past few days has literally brought out the most intense pain to my ears, my eyes, my very inner most parts of my skull that I never knew existed. I am afraid to move at the moment. So I just sit in my stink and wait for the meds, those wonderful, awful meds to work their merry wonder again. And if they don't, well, then what? Well, then I guess, it's back to square one, call the doc and go to - hey, let's not go there.
oh great, the dog needs to go out. up I go. the bark just jolted my freaking head. I hate that dog sometimes.

Friday, October 17, 2008

a shutter project

This is the new little shutter project I made. This one is for my Mom. I hope your not reading this, Mom. Her birthday is coming up in a few days, so, this is one of those shutters I had that I wanted to paint for her.
My Mom and Dad like to feed birds, this was a no-brainer. I'm not totally thrilled with the way it came out; I mean, the letters are sliding to the right, and the Momma bird is a little umm, beafy, but I do think she will like it.

Now, I am left with just one more shutter for myself. I still have not yet figured how to design it. I'm sure it will come to me. Until then, I have a garage of other things to paint and arrange.
Hoping you have a pain-free weekend

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall, Beautiful Fall

What a beautiful weekend we had for apple picking! We took the kids to one of MANY orchards we are fortunate to have here in NY. The sky was clear and blue. The weather was warm and sunny. The trees were vibrant with the change of color. Simply beautiful. A perfect day for apple picking.

As you can see by the pictures, the kids enjoyed themselves. They wandered thru a corn maze; rode horses, bounced on; well, bouncing things. We ate junk, delicious junk.

Now prior to our trip, Frank and I had ventured with Nicholas' class last week to a different orchard. We had so much fun with the kids there. They have goats and baby cows, chickens a pig. He was pretty stinky. But the baby cows, they were so sweet, they licked my hands!! I think they just may have been my favorite part.

Oh, this scarecrow here; I redid the face. The first time I made it, well, it came out kind of scary. I don't like the scary stuff on Halloween. Call me weird, but I don't. So, after a few days of freaking myself and the kids out with my scarecrow, I brought it back in and tore the eyes off, sewed them back on. Made a new mouth, a nose, and now we have a happy scarecrow.

Maybe I'm just being a Mom, but how cute does this kid look in his new glasses!!!! I know, I know - adorable. We just call him, "Dork."

Bosco is getting his winter 'fluff' in. Oh, yeah, he is growing extra stuffing in his belly area to keep warm, too. He is such a big boy. This is how he prefers to be held by the way. Weirdo.

Thursday, Frank and I were chaperones with the Second grade class at Nicholas' school for the Pumpkin and Apple Farm. It was so much fun! There was a wagon ride, and animals, the obvious...pumpkins, apples, cider.

This is Mr. Abbott himself, helping Nicholas with his pumpkin. He drove our wagon. What a sweet man. He grew up on the farm, never lived anywhere else; and had lots of stories of his own parents on the farm growing up, and his children. We had so much fun with the kids.

Unfortunately, this is how I have been feeling. eeeww, I know. Let's see, could it be the lack of sleep? mmmaybe. OR those hammers there could have something to do with it. I can hear them as they knock - over and over. It doesn't go away anymore. It is just ever-present. gotta love it. Today, I tried, stupidly I might add, to wear contact lenses. Not so smart. As I hate the feeling of having anything IN my eyes. and they just don't work as well as my glasses. I have just awful eyesight. My prescription is pretty strong. blah blah blah
hey, at least we have had some really nice weather. my kids are healthy and happy. My husband was fortunate to find a job. In his retirement of all times. Whatever. For me, this week, I'm going to get busy with some more of my crafty things. It's what I like to do.
Hoping you are pain-free